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2003 SKUSA Long Track Nationals Albuquerque NM


This is a really great facility with running water and showers!!! The track is about 6200ft about sea level and with the temperature in the upper 90's all weekend it made for some jetting challenges! The kart was running just great and thanks to our newest sponsor RLV Exhausts Scott was able to put the Team Mile High Karting Maranello on pole with a lap time that was over 1 second faster than Robert Weinberg in 2nd spot. With Scott on pole for the pre-final we had great hopes for the weekend. After a few laps he had pulled out a commanding lead, then a full course yellow allowed the others to catch up, in a great restart Scott pulled away from the packed and took first place by 8 seconds. Again Scott was on pole for the final and pulled out a 3 second lead until an acident on the back straight brought out the red flag. Scott was compalining of a bogging out of the corners and that the kart wast just not handling and bucking. On the restart Scott was jumped for first place by Lincoln Buselle who started to pull away. Scott was slowing all the time and in lap 15 Robert Weinberg got passed him for second place, with about 10 seconds to fourth place it looked like we were going to have to settle for 3rd. But Scott managed to hang onto the back of Robert and in the best pass of the weekend outbraked him into turn one on lap 18 and managed to hold onto 2nd place!!! After the race we found out that Scott had driven form lap 5 on with a completly flat front right tire!!