Fashion Of the 40's and 50's Fashion Of the 40's and 50's
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Fashion Of the 1940's-50's

Hi there, this is the Unofficial Fashion site of the 40's! It was created by Davin, Samantha, Angelica, Mona, and Maryello. We hope you learn something from it! Feel free to leave your comments in the "shoutbox" at the bottom of the page

EVERY DAY Fashions
Things that people wore back in the 40's and 50's are pretty different from what people today like to wear. Woman almost always wore "circle blouses", especially when at home doing house work.

Two examples of the circle blouses often worn in the 40's and 50's

Unlike today, women didn't often show certain parts of their bodies, as it was considered very innapropriate. Their clothes were a bit simpler, without all of the sparkles and special fabrics.

Men's Fashion
Men back then, however, had a similar way of dressing. They wore dark grey and brown suits, with bow-ties. They also wore the kind of hats that you might see your grandfather wearing sometimes. It was called a "Fedora"

The Fedora: a hat often worn by men back in the 50's and 40's

Fashions During WWII
During World War 2, alot of the men had to go off to fight the war. This meant that the women would have to get jobs to support their families while the husbands were gone. This meant proving the stereostypes wrong, that women couldn't do physical work. Also, women had to wear pants and shirts more often, instead of dresses or blouses.

Teens back then dress similar to the kids you might see in the "Greese" play. Boys in the 40's and 50's wore alot of black. Some of the Black clothes they wore included leather jackets and black jeans. Girls wore similar skirts to their mother's, but slightly skinnier around the hips. They also wore high-heels and alot of lipstick, as well as a thick layer of eye makeup.

Finally, what sometimes can be the most noticable thing about the old days, the hairstyles!
Lots of people back then used to wear their hair with lots of curls, all around the head, even the bangs. Both men and women did this, and a good example of this is Elvis Presley.
The young men from the army would have to get "Crew Cuts". This type of hair is The one worn by the man in the picture below. It was used by the army because it made them look neat, and uniform.
Similarily to now, woman movie stars liked to wear their hair hi up, in piles, even adding fake peices to make it look longer and taller!

Two people from the 50's. The man has a Crew cut and the women is showing off her "curls"p>