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My On-Line Wedding Album!!

Welcome to my on-line Wedding Album.

The man I married, again!!

This is the man that has made me the happiest woman alive! I love him very much. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

More Friends!!

This is my Best Friend, she is from Abilene, Texas. I love her very much.....she is 27 years old and has two cute kids. One of these days she will come to Florida to visit me!! (I hope) She was also my Maid Of Honor, in the wedding. She was a nervous wreck and almost killed us both on the way to the church! LOL, It was great, Sherri, I will never forget it!!! Thank you, for being there!!!!
More Wedding Photos!!!

Here are some more wedding photos. I will try to get more on here. Because I would like to show you all the people who were in the wedding....the grooms men, flower girl and so on!!

Signing my life away!

The cake was great!! My dress!

I had to have a photo with my brother!!
The men looked so nice in their Uniforms!

The picture with the brides maids is all my family, I had to get a picture with my brother, he wasn't in the wedding, but he is family!! Here are some pictures of the wedding group. The men are from Left to Right, Lower left, Roy Farmer, Upper left, Steve Dobbs (Best Man) Right of Bride, Larry McCandliss.

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