Islands Of Adventure & Universal Studios

This is a group shot of us...Larry, Dana, Laylon, me and Scott. This was taken at Islands of Adventure. It was raining the day we went, but we still had a blast!

We met my brother and his wife at Disney World....and had a great time. Disney World was great....but Islands of Adventure is better (just opened this year).....they have some awesome roller coasters. And we rode them all....which we are very proud of. Because those who know us.....know that we are chickens. lol. I am going to put photos on here as soon as i get some developed!

This is the is a awesome roller coaster. I personally rode this one 5 times. It is so great.

We are the 3!!

Here is a picture of the other coaster we rode...actually it is two coasters. The Dueling Dragons... I didn't have a picture of i found this one on the net.......its awesome. These coasters come 12 inches from each other...they are also the first inverted dueling coasters.

This is the Jurassic Park is a water ride with a 85 foot drop.....a very awesome ride.
These are some pictures from Universal Studios.....

Here we are with King Kong! Scott is the only one scared of being ate!! LOL!

There was so much to do at Universal and Islands of Adventure, we were glad we got a 2 day pass. Along with all the roller coasters and other rides. They have 3-D rides......and simulaters. We rode Back to the Future...which is a simulater. The Terminator, which is a take off of the movie...more of a follow up of the movie....which has clips of a movie in 3-D and actors acting along with the screen. It was pretty cool. King Kong was a are in a cable car...and of course, you run right in to King was cool. Jaws was another ride that you sit are in a boat.....and you run in to jaws. But my fearless husband killed that mean ol' shark...and i have proof.....check this out!

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