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More News From The Words!

This is a recent picture of Laylon (the kid). When we first got here to Florida, we took a boat ride on the Yellow Submarine, to go Dolphin hunting, it was a lot of fun. There is so much to do here, the beach is one of Laylon's favorite places to go, he loves the water.

If you can't figure out the song on here it is..."My Heart Will Go On" The Titanic Theme!

This is caryn's favorite picture!!!

Well, the military has us for another two years, alot has happened in our home. Like I said befor, we got married on the 4th of April. But befor that, we found out we were getting out of New Mexico, going to Florida. We are here, its nice. We got a cute house, and pool, you have to have one of those here. No, new additions to the family. lol.

Things are good, Scott made Staff in August. He will sew it on in October. (1998) He will be gone for the Holidays, :( The military will send him over seas, somewhere, we arent sure where, yet!

For the latest news, Scott sewed Staff on the First of November, and now he is leaving me for Saudi for 90 days. I am alone for the Holidays, and he will be there for his Birthday. But, at least he will be home for our 1st anniversary. We also survived another hurricane season here, we were lucky, I guess.

Well......My parents came to Florida after the Holidays, to spend some time(1998) with me. Since Scott is in Saudi still. We had fun. We went to the beach and fed the Seagulls, If you have ever seen the movie "The Bird's", Then you would understand how the feeding went. LOL It was fun.....they will take the food right from your hand, and fly over you till they get it! 1999

Laylon is in there, somewhere!!!!

This picture is the most recent of Scott and was taken in Port St. Joe, we took a holiday there.....with the Parhams. It was a good time.

Well here are some pics for ya. This is the fun we had our first summer in Florida. Or should I say some of the fun we had!

Laylon got to drive Jamey and Audrey's boat. We were in the bay. It was alot of fun!

Scott and I got on the tube, it was fun, I didnt stay on long enough get a pic done! LOL!!

Where to find us!

  • Scott loves to go on-line and play Red Alert, or any game he can get his hands on!! Scott also plays Quake on-line!
  • I like to go out to the bar, and dance, or Karoake with my sister! Or you may find me on Mirc, or Icq, i like to chat!