My Virtual Photo Album
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My Virtual Photo Album

Click on the photo to see pictures from the wedding!

The Parhams

This is a strange couple. j/k
Audrey and Jamey Parham

Another Friend of mine!!

This is a friend of mine from.....1st grade. Can you believe it. Back when I didn't have to pay anyone to be my friend. She is 27, and lives in New Mexico. This is a good picture of her. Hope she doesn't get mad that I put it on here! lol Jennifer and I were in 1st grade t together in Melrose, NM. I moved back to Melrose in 1993-93. And believe it or not she still lived there...and didnt remember me! LOL! We were reunited....and are still friends.

If you can't figure out the song on this page it is... "Linger" The Cranberries

Here is a link to my friend Staceys page! I promised I would but it on here. So now she can get off my back!! LOL! If you want you can go here and check out her page. It is still under construction. But, she is doing a good job. Just click on the picture to go to her page!!!

This is my Best Friend....she is always there for me, and never judges me. LOL!! She lives in Abilene, Texas. She did finally come see me! Hell has froze over! We found a couple of good men for her.......but there was just not enough time to get it going! Ya know!! Go check it out if you are single male, she is looking, lol!!! Sherri is in a class of her own when it comes to my friends.....she is more like my sister, we have fought and she has given me money, when I needed it! She has been a very dear friend of mine! From that day on. I cherish the friendship we have!! And for all those "Thank You's" I have never said. "Thank You, Sherri!"

Caryn & Audrey

Here is a picture of me and Audrey taken on Mexico Beach. We had a good time in Port St. Joe, at Jamey's dads house!

This is the latest picture of me, taken in the kitchen of our house here on base. I look so silly it was after my first day of Phlebotomy class!

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