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Song meanings by Ella from Killing Heidi's debut album, 'Reflector'.

'"Mascara" is basically a commentary on
the people who live by fashions'
rules or the rules of the
labels they adopt. I figured it
shouldn't be taken that seriously, looks
are only external.'

'"Weir" is about youth, growing up
in the country where you can
just go kick back with your
mates at your water hole and reflect.'

'I remember writing the chorus for
"Superman/Supergirl" in art class (while I
should have been working) and thinking
how there is no such thing as invincibility.'

Astral Boy:
'"Astral Boy" is not, as most people
think, a love song. It's actually
about dependence and need but not
in the relationship sense. I was so
flattered when we first played it
to my Mum she almost cried.'

Leave Me Alone:
'"Leave Me Alone" leaps out at those who
are deserving of a brain replacement
and targets unfeeling, unaccepting and closed-minded
people. AAhhhrrghghghghgg! So look out!!!'

You Don't Know:
'"You Don't Know" is one of those songs
that jumped out of the rehearsal
room when Jess or I had had a
long day and something was niggling and
the only way to express it
is write an angry song like this.'

A Jar Labelled Small:
'"A Jar Labelled Small" came to me
partly in a dream that was so
vivid and memorable that I had
to record it in my diary ...
hence the start of Jar.'

Class Celebrities:
'"Class Celebrities" is one of my
songs and it's conception was brought
about by getting sick of seeing only
the over achievers rewarded and not
the 'sit up the back kids'
that are deserving too.'

Live Without It:
'"Live Without It" is a sort of
cryptic song on human relations which
are in themselves a riddle.
I don't really know specifically what
it's message is but I'm sure everyone
can relate to being puzzled by relationships.'

Real People:
'"Real People" for me is the song
that holds the most emotional value
as it is written for a few
close friends of mine who know
what it means to have to keep your feelings inside.
A song for the overlooked or outcast.'

John's Song:
'"John's Song" - what can I say,
this is just an emotional epic of
a song. It doesn't really have
a theme, it just soars.'

Black Sheep:
'"Black Sheep" was inspired by
thinking about the place where I
live in the country when I'm stuck
in the city and how tranquil and
peaceful it is. When I wrote the
lyrics I wasn't sure about them
because they were so literal and
plain but I think they get the vibe across.'