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Free Hosted CGI Script's
Free Sites That Offer Hosted CGI Scripts
  Great      Good      OK      Bad
  Site Name  Notes  Rating  Script's -    Average Rating Poll / Quiz
 Bravenet inc. Rated #1 Perfect Rating Guestbook/ Web Forum/ Counter/ Postcard/ FormMail/ Search Engine/ Mailing List/ VoteCaster/ Classified Ads/ Cartoon of the Day/ Web Page Announcer
 ByteCenter -    Average Rating FormMail/ Guestbook/ Counter/ Mailing List/ Recommend-It/ Forums/ Polls -Banner- and Button Exchange, URL Submission to the biggest search engines and directory listing
 CGI For Me -    Average Rating WWWBoard/ WWWAdmin/ Free For All Link Page/ Clock/ Date/ Counter/ FormMail/ Menu Direction/ Random Link/ Countdown/ Random Banner/ Postcard/ Mailing List/ Voting Booth/ Guestbook/ Search Engine/ Password Protection/ Java Chat
 Cgi-free -    Average Rating Browser Redirection/ Random Link/ Random Quote/ Random Image/ FormMail/ Countdown/ Menu Direction
 CGIrealm -    Average Rating Counter/ Guestbook/ WWWBoard/ Free For All Link Page
 Eli CGI -    Average Rating Counter/ Guestbook/ WWWBoard/ Free For All Link Page
 Hosted Scripts -    Great Rating WWWBoard/ Mailing List/ Random Link/ Jump Box/ Free For All Link Page/ Recommender/ FormMail
 Mach -    Average Rating Guestbook/ Web Board/ Browser Redirection/ Countdown/ FormMail/ Random Link/ Random Quote/ Menu Redirection
 Mypoll -    Average Rating Poll
 OrbitCycle -    Average Rating Banner Rotation
 PollIt -    Average Rating Poll
 PublicAds -    Average Rating Classified Ads Board/ Guestbook/ Search Engine/ Form Mail
 Remotely Hosted -    Average Rating Counter/ Guestbook/ Logger/ SiteView/ FormMail/ Mailing List/ Forum
 SiteGadgets -    Great Rating Tell-A-Friend / Postcards / Maillist Builder / Random Link / Search Engine / Random Image / Top Sites / Headline News / Fun Libs / Interactive story / Download Tracker / Message Board / Guest Book / Compliments / Password Protection / What's New / Voting Both / Free Link's Page / Jump Box / Spam Fighter
 Tao Tree -    Average Rating Web Forms/ Counters/ Web Forums/ Guestbook
 Tool Zone -    Average Rating Guestbook/ Web Chat/ Web Counter/ Web Sound/ Web Marquee
 VP Developing -    Average Rating FormMail/ MajorHelp/ Menu Direction/ Countdown/ Color Chart (219 "safe" web-colors)/ Banner Creator/ Postcards
 Web Ads -    Average Rating Banner Rotation
 Web Provider -    Average Rating Banner Rotation/ FormMail/ Guestbook/ Random Link/ Free For All Link Page/ Tracker/ Message Board/ Browser Redirection/ Clock/ Date/ Voting Booth/ Search Engine
 X-Point CGI -    Average Rating Banner Rotation/ FormMail/ Jumptour/ Password Authentication/ Guestbook/ Random Link/ Free For All Link Page/ X-Track/ WWWBoard/ Redirector/ Clock/ Date/ Poll/ Search Engine
 ZZN -    OK Rating Start your own e-mail service.

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