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How Do I Change The FONT Of My Text?

Have you ever looked at the text on your web page and thought it was kind of dull? Your not the only one. Web browsers display text on a web page in there default font type, ordinary, plain old text. Some people like it, but others want to spice things up a little, make there web page really express there unique personality. This is for those people.

How to do it

Changing the font on your web page is really easy. You can do it with a few easy steps.

The first thing you have to do is place a <FONT FACE="font goes here"> tag in front of the text you want to change the font of.

Next change the words font goes here with the actual font that you want. (you can choose whatever font you want). Finally at the end of the text that your want to change the font of, place an ending </FONT> tag.

Tip: Not everyone will have the font type that you want displayed on your page. In order for a font type to be displayed on your web page, the computer that is viewing your web page must have that specific font installed on it. So not just any font will do. Solution, use more than one font. Yes you can use more than one font, the way you do this is, you put in the font type you want, then place a comma (,) and put your second choice, and so on. For example:

<FONT FACE="Old English TEXT MT,Comic Sans MS,Arial">

What this does is, when someone goes to view your web page, the browser will attempt to display the page in the first font choice, Old English TEXT MT, if that font is not on the viewers computer, then it will go to the second choice, Comic Sans MS, if it doesn't have that one it will move onto Arial. You can have as many font choices as you want, just make sure you have at least one common font, like times, Arial, or verdana, these font's are on almost every computer.


All in all this is what a basic font code would look like.

<FONT FACE="Curlz MT,Comic Sans MS,Arial">The text is in another type of font</FONT>

Seeing this in the browser will look like this:

The text is in another type of font


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