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How do I make my link's open in a new browser window?


This is helpful if you have link's to other web sites on your web page. Instead of the link opening in the window the link is on, and going to the new website, LEAVING YOUR WEBSITE, it will instead open the link in a new browser window, so when they decide to leave that web site, your web site will still be there, behind that new browser window.

How To Do It

This is pretty simple to do, all you have to do is target your link into a BLANK browser window. How you ask? By adding a target tag of course. The target tag your going to use looks like this:


Get it? Your targeting, witch is what the target tag does, into a new BLANK window (BLANK), which is what your telling the target tag to do. Just place this target tag into your link, like this:

An ordinary TEXT link would look like this:

<a href="Http://" target="BLANK">Click Here To Open Up A New Window!</a>

This looks like this:

Click Here To Open Up A New Window!

Go ahead and click it, it will open the window in a completely new browser window, to get back to here just close the new window.

Same thing with an IMAGE link:

<a href="Http://" target="BLANK"><img src="../gfx/clown.gif"></a>

This looks like this:

Click Me To Open Up A New Browser Window!

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