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How do I add a background image to my web page?

Standard Background Image

To add a background image to your web page, just add the following code right after your ending </HEAD> tag.

       <BODY BACKGROUND="your background image name.gif">

Just change the your background image name.gif with the actual image you want.

Fixed Background

You can also have a Fixed Background which is an image that stay's in one position as your scroll down the page, the content on the page will move up and down, but the background image wont, it will stay in one place. To add this to your web page just add the following code right after your ending </HEAD> tag:

       <BODY BACKGROUND="your background image name.gif" bgproperties="fixed">

Notice it's basically the same as the regular background code, but has a bgproperties tag which is set to fixed.

Background Image And Color

Yes, you can have a background image, and a background color, how you ask? When you first visit the page, you don't immediately see the background image, because it's loading. If you have a background color, it will show that, then when the background image load's, it will show the image. This is helpful if you have light color text on your page, so while the background is loading, you can darken the background color and still read the information off your web site. To add this to your web site just add the following code right after the </HEAD> section of your page.

       <body background="your background image.gif" bgcolor="#000000">

Just replace your background image.gif with the actual image name, and #000000 with the actual color code that you want.

If you don't know what the color code is of the color that you want, CLICK HERE to see all the colors and there color codes.

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