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Lesson 3
My First WebPage

Welcome to Lesson 3, in this lesson we will learn how to make hyperlink's.

Now lets get started.

First you're going to need something to write the HTML in. In Lesson 1 we learned how to do this, if your unsure about what you should write your HTML in, you should go back to Lesson 1.

By now you should have Notpad or whatever program your going to write your HTML in open, right? Good...

In Lesson 2 we learned about tags. We learned how to use the < and the > with different commands within them to make our text appear differently.

Hyperlink's work in much the same way. First, we start of with a Link tag:

<A HREF="?">

This is the part of the tag where we tell the code where we want the link to go. So, for example, we want to link to To do this, we just replace the ? with the address, like this:

<A HREF="">

O.K. we got the link part, now we need something for our visitors to click on, to be able to go to the link, in this example will use the words " Click Here To Go To". We place this right after our link tag, like this:

<A HREF="">Click Here To Go To

And we finish it all off with an ending </a> tag. So our code ends up looking like this:

<A HREF="">Click Here To Go To</a>

Congratulations you just made your first link to Now you can link to any web page, just replace the, with the page you want to link to.

When your ready to move on to the next lesson, Click Here

Lesson 4

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