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July 2005

Welcome to Gateway To Tarot.

This newsletter is sent out to subscribers only. If you have received this newsletter in error, please send a blank e-mail to: Gateway To Tarot with "unsubscribe" in the subject line. If you were forwarded this newsletter, and would like to subscribe, please send a blank e-mail to: Gateway To Tarot with "subscribe" in the subject line. Newsletters from January 2003 on are archived on my site,

My thanks to each of you for continuing to be part of this process.

Mitakuye Oyasin - For All Of Our Relations.

Bonnie Cehovet, TM
Editor/chief bottle washer




Editorial: Tarot Ramblings
Article & Spread: Summer Solstice
The Tarot Speaks
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Editorial: Tarot Ramblings

There is a very special series of classes being conducted by Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone of the Tarot School during 2005. Entitled "Intuition and Imagery", the teleclasses discuss the imagery in the Tarot (the Rider-Waite deck specifically), and how to place it into a reading. These are interactive classes, held once a week for a two hour time period. Each session consists of four classes, with a two week spacing between each session. I attended the January/February session, and it very much expanded how I view the cards. I missed the February/March session, but picked the classes up again with the April session. (The first class was on the Moon - and there are cards that I was not even aware had the moon in them!) I have decided to do an ongoing review of the classes - somewhat of a review/blog, which could end up being very interesting! The blog can be seen here:Intuition and Imagery. I hope that you enjoy the blog, and that you decide to join in the classes! (To see when the classes are being offered, click here

Looking for Tarot bags? Look no farther!

A project worth keeping track of - "The See of Logos", a 32 card deck due out in the summer of2005 from Magic Realist Press in conjunction with Rachel Pollack. More information here:

And we cannot forget the guys from Trionfi! (They snuck in a redesign of the site while I wasn't looking! If you haven't visited Trionfi in a while, go see the new look!) Here are this months links: - Front Page - Tarot History - Main Page - Biographies - Playing The Ganes (The rules for playing Tarot.)

From Tarot visionary Winter Wren, we have Tarot boxes - made to order, lovely works of art. You can see the box that she made for me here: Wren also makes Tarot bags to order (I have a to die for Harry Potter bag!).

My absolutely favorite discount book and deck site: Mondazzi discount books/decks (Look for the blog from the resident feline!)

Part of my path right now consists of attending a very unique series of classes. Developed by Dawn Falbe, this ten week series of classes is aimed at helping women develop their metaphysical based businesses. Through a weekly teleclass, homework, and a related Yahoo Groups e-group, class members learn skills that help them define their business, set and meet goals, and manifest the success that lies within them.

I am going to be reviewing this class on an ongoing basis. If you are interested, and would like more information, please visit Dawn's, or e-mail her at: My blog of these classes can be seen here: The Complete Metaphysical Practitioner COurse.

A new Tarot deck from Caitlin Matthews is due out this September from Connections Publishing. Entitled the Da Vinci Enigma Tarot, bases on artwork from Leonardo Da Vinci. For more information, see:


Spread: Fourth of July Freedom Spread

The 4th of July in the United States is the date we celebrate our country's freedom, our "Independence" day. Rather than looking at independence from a political point of view, I decided to bring it down to a personal level - how do we as individuals view the freedoms in our life - freedom of speech, freedom of action, freedom to gather together. This is the resulting spread. Enjoy!

Freedom Spread


1 2

1. What do the freedom's in my life mean to me?
2. What fears do I have in connection with these freedoms?
3. What is the avenue for resolving these fears?


The Tarot Speaks:

This is a new addition to my newsletter. I will be drawing cards each month from multiple decks, standing back, and letting the cards say what they have to say about each months theme. For the month of June, the theme is the celebrating life.

Please join me in a somewhat chaotic peek at what several of my decks have to say about the June: The Tarot Speaks.


Article: Summer Solstice 2005

On June 21st, 2005 we celebrate the Summer Solstice (also known as Litha and Mid-Summer). The solstices are markers on the seasonal calendar, and as such are also markers for significant sections of our personal year. What does summer signify to you, and how do you plan to celebrate it?

The new growth of Spring is maturing into beautiful leaves and flowers, the fields have been planted, and we are looking at a time of taking responsible action towards Mother Earth so that, in the fall, we have the abundance that we need to carry us through the winter months. June is also a traditional month for weddings.

The Summer Solstice honors Mother Earth, and that which is feminine in nature. In my research (always looking for something "new to me"!), I found two interesting items relating to the Native American tribes and the celebration of solstices and equinoxes. Both items referred to landmarks: the first is a twenty acre natural amphitheatre in Vermont, called "Calender One" by its modern day discoverer; the second being the Big Horn Medicine Wheel, located west of Sheridan, Wyoming.

With the permission of Johanna Gargiulo-Sherman, I am using a spread from Guide To The Sacred Rose Tarot to act as a reading (or meditation) for this Summer Solstice.



On-line Divination sites:

In cruising the Internet I have found several on-line divination sites - both Tarot and non-Tarot, that are both fun and worth spending time with. Some of these sites are for specific Tarot decks - and I have to say the art is stupendous! It makes me feel glad to be alive, and more than happy to be part of the Tarot world. I hope that you enjoy these as much as I am:

  • Joanna Powell Colbert's Gaian Tarot
  • Dr. Sally Hill's Tarot Affirmations deck.
  • The Victoria Regina Tarot
  • Interactive site for Amy Zerner & Monty Farber (Enchanted Tarot)
  • The Voyager Tarot (James Wanless)
  • Robin Ator's International Icon Tarot
  • ~~~~~

    Tarot Tidbits:

    Receive e-mail updates to Aeclectic Tarot ( from Solandia at:


    Geraldine Amaral edits a Tarot print magazine, Celebrating The Tarot , that comes out on a yearly basis. For more information, see: Tarot Journal ( order%20Tarot%20Journal.htm)


    Robert M. Place, artist and visionary, gifts us with a newsletter entitled The Restored Temple of Hermes. The newsletter will be coming out every other month, and will include articles and a question and answer section. To subscribe, please e-mail Robert Place at:, with The Restored Temple of Hermes in the subject line.


    Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone of The Tarot School ( edit the long running newsletter Tarot Tips ( This newsletter is a wealth of information based on their personal work and the work done with their classes. If you want to know about Tarot - it is here!


    Gigi Miner edits an absolutely wonderful e-newsletter entitled Veritas. To sign up for the newsletter, e-mail Gigi at: with "newsletter" in the subject line.


    The World Tarot Network ( puts out a wonderful newsletter (edited by Deni Richter, TS), filled with all kinds of information - from Tarot, to Astrology and Numerology, to Feng Shui and Chakra's ... and more! To sign up, visit:


    Thank all of you who are joining me on this wonderful journey. Please contact me at: with any comments, criticisms or suggestions for future articles.

    July 2005

    No part of this newsletter may be reprinted without my express permission, in any venue, on line or off.

    The Tarot Connection - The Tarot Podcast dedicated to the traditional, historic and modern Tarot.