The Path Of The Priestess

The Path Of The Priestess

author: Sharron Rose
Inner Traditions
ISBN #089281964-2

In our world at this time, there is a great imbalance between masculine and feminine energies. It goes further than that - the Divine Feminine needs to be literally rediscovered. The sacred energy of the Priestess needs to be put back in place for the world to heal.

The sub-title of this book is A Guidebook For Awakening The Divine Feminine. The Path Of The Priestess is a guidebook in that it points to the path of the Divine Feminine. It also acts as a workbook, in that there are meditations and exercises that open all women to the full experience of Goddess energy, and to their inherent sensuality and sexuality.

Because it is so important, I am going to give you Sharron Rose's biography from the back cover ofThe Path Of The Priestess: "Sharron Rose, an internationally acclaimed teacher, writer and performer and Fulbright scholar in world mythology, religion, and sacred dance, has been investigating the wisdom of ancient cultures for the past twenty-five years. She lives in Los Olivos, California, with her husband and hermetic scholar, Jay Weidner."

We begin our journey with Sharron, a young Jewish wife and mother, a product of the feminist movement - a career in dance behind her - journeying to India to study sacred dance with the foremost Kathak dancer Sitara Devi. Journeying with her was her three year old son, Ari. Over the next five years, Sharron Rose would study all aspects of sacred dance and the divine feminine. She would change her view of herself, and of the world around her. At the end of this time, she would return to the United States to resume her life as the wife of a high powered music industry lawyer - a man who was devoted to his work, and expected her to fulfill the role of wife to a high powered executive.

Into the author's life came Tibetan Master Chogyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche. She joined his community and studied Tibetan culture with him. It was here that she met Paul Leake, who was to become her primary accompanist and creative partner in the venue of the sacred dance of India. It was in her studies with Rinpoche that Rose learned to manifest what is called the rainbow body - a tool for purifying body, mind and spirit.

The Path Of The Priestess is filled with stunning pictures of Sharron Rose in numerous Goddess and sacred dance poses, as well as some featuring her Guruji Sitara Devi. It is filled with the background of the Tibetan, Indian and Egyptian Goddesses, and the nurturing role that they play in the energetic, emotional and psychic life of those around them. Rose also speaks of the world of the alchemist, of Hebrew Kabbalsits and Christian Gnostics. She also speaks of the chakra's, and how we manifest the energy within us.

The second half of The Path Of The Priestess is devoted to exploring the three aspects of the Goddess through visualization, meditation and personal exercises. The first aspect of the Goddess is strength and power, as seen through the goddesses Kali, Sekhmet and Simhamukha, and through the myth of the warrior goddess Durga.

The second aspect of the Goddess is sensuality, as shown through the goddesses Lakshimi, Hathor, Mandarava and Inanna.

The third aspect of the Goddess is experiencing love and compassion, as shown through the goddess Isis, the Blessed Virgin Mary, Kuan Yin and Tara.

For anyone who truly wants to understand Shakti energy and the sacred historical role of Goddesses and Priestess's, for anyone who wants a thorough background in Goddess myth and lore, for anyone who wants to experience this energy in their own life - I highly recommend The Path Of The Priestess. One last thought - be willing to do the work!

(C) April 2004
Bonnie Cehovet

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