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                                                            Mark Harris Goodrum's

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Mark Goodrum

To obtain employment in a working environment where I can become an essential part of  the team.  To use my ability to make the team as productive as possible.

Ramblewood Middle School  ( Broad County FL) asset. Band Director (1982-1983)
Taught 6th grade Band as the asset Band director
Organized parades and other performances
planned and developed fundraisers.

Ely High School (1982-1983)
Writing half-time shows
coordinating dance shows for half-time performances
Writing shows for the flag unit

Manzano High School Assist. Band director (1984-1988)
Developed woodwinds for the half-time shows
Plan and coordinate the music and trips for the Concert Band
Assist in planning trips and working with the Band Parent Organization.

Harrison Middle School (1984-1988)
Rebuilt the Band program
Planning trips for the band
Planning music appropriate for grade level
Starting the first Band Parent Organization

Grant Middle School (1988-current)
Continue developing the band program
Plan and coordinate music and skills for appropriate grade level
Became a member of the Tech committee (1993)
Staff trainer for tech (1995)
Became the Network Administrator (1998)
Became the Tech chairperson (1999 -current)

Started Skutaboot Computer Lessons (1999)
Company That Gives Computer lessons to those in need.

B.S. , Grambling State University, Grambling, La.
Training through APS on various classes. i.e. computer Respect class
Tv production Class ant UNM

Community leader, Chess, Private Business Skutaboot Computer Lesson, Tech Coordinator.Ham Radio Operator, Call KD5KSM

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