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                                                            Grant Middle school








                                                                                Band Program



Philosophy and goals
The primary goal of all activities in the band program is to further the process of musical development in the individual student. The development should include:

1)      Increased technical and tonal proficiency.
2)      Greater skill in manipulating the notation in music, I.E. Reading notes.
3)      Increased awareness of the expressive qualities of music, along with increased proficiency in the ability to perform expressively.
4)      Increased appreciation for, and understanding of, music of many different types.
5)      A desire to participate in musical activities throughout life.

Concert Band
Concert Band Students are the most accomplished musicians in the program. Students in all classes (6-8) are eligible. Membership is determined by the following requirements: note reading, tone, rhythm reading, scales, attitude and attendance at school and performances.
Members of the Concert Band are held at a very high standard. They are the performing group for the school; therefore their grades have to be in good standing.
The Concert Band performs at school concerts, festival and other events. All band members are required to be at all performances. Students will need to do an alternative assignment if they can make a performance. Points will be deducted from the over all grade if there is no assignment turned in resulting in a deduction in the report card grade.

Intermediate Band

Intermediate Band includes the students that are less experienced than the Concert Band but have more musical ability then the Cadet Band and Beginning Band. Students (6-8) grades are eligible for this band. The director determines membership. The requirements are the following: note reading, tone, rhythm, scales, attitude and grades. Attendance in school, other classes and band performances are mean of criteria’s for this band. The Intermediate Band performs at school concerts and on occasion other events.


Cadet Band

Cadet is made up of students that have at least two year of playing ability in either an ensemble or private lessons. The purpose of this band is to nurture the student’s already musical abilities. Cadet Band will play at two concerts during the year and other events when needed.



Beginning Band

Beginning Band is made up primarily of students who have one or no year’s experience. Beginning Band will give the students a good foundation to build on. Woodwind, brass and percussion will be taught. The performance schedule during the year is determined by the instrumentation.