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Le Show online

Welcome to the virtual Le Show Archives,
each weekly link an hour of "wacky satire, outrageous phone-in spoofs, and obscure pop music"

Le Show - where the equipment will work this week, we promise. And all the dots are on the same table
May 2010 Harry Shearer's Le Show
Note: do not click here before May 2010 or you will distort the fabric of time & space (either that or get an error message)

Current listings for Le Show

Spanish Inquisition or Monty Python (your choice)

Or listen to Dr. Science - come back 5 times a week for a Daily Smile (occasionally updated by them)

Click here for an hour with Dr. Science

Prairie Home Campanion homepage, it's been a quiet week in Lake Woebegone

The above links are by and for comedy/satire fans. If they don't work right, let me know. I don't work right either -


Was Abe Lincoln Gay? Bob knows

The 15-minute 1950s music show

Bill Laidlaw. If there are any problems with this page, there may be a screw loose in the webmaster.
Yes, Virginia, Mr Blackwell really did go on CNN to talk about what the O J Simpson jury was wearing

And on a serious note, September 11, 2001, happened in a New York Minute