Your Words Against Mine

“U so stupid and I hate u.” Uh-huh boo, I think it’s you
You’re the only one continuing on with this funny fucking feud
“She sucked his dick.” Oh, quit it bitch because my boy done know it all
Blame your hubby and yourself for your marriage's downfall
Get a hobby like read a book or go work that sloppy body out
Focus more on your pathetic husband and learn how to turn him out
“You can never be better than me. I am only what he sees.”
Except when he has fantasies and then at night when boot boy dreams
Honey, you were compared to me, living in my shadow day by day
He played you, sweetie, down and dirty while he gave your lovely lives away
Now don’t try to talk too much shit cause you will always be the fool
Keep giving hits, checking me out and when you see me, wipe the drool
“Your pussy’s loose! Your on your knees!” There’s nothing wrong with sucking dick
My men are always satisfied, seems that’s the problem with your shit
And it’s “loose” not “lose” you dumb ass bitch, get more education man
Stop speaking that fucked up language that only assholes understand
“He loves me now. i know he does.” There’s no need to tell us all
Broadcasting shit like “no small dick” and just because you like them “tall”
No one cares you stupid hoe, you are oh so very weak
I’m tired of hearing you talk shit, please let your punk ass husband speak
All the funny shit you talk, you should appear on comic view
And tell that boy to stop buying your coach bags off the fucking avenue
“We do everything together. I am just protecting him.”
Don’t be mad at me because your brains are flat down to their rims
Go get yourself a real job and stop being holiday help
Get the fuck up out that basement and go face what your life was dealt
making threats like “I will see you” has no effect you sloppy girl
Against my peeps you silly bitch? Punish yourself inside my world?
“Whatever, Nikk.” Don’t go so quick, I’m not hardly finished yet
I don’t have the time for bullshit with all the penis that I get
Trying to run my “screen name” sexxienikk like the shit belongs to you
Bitch, your fat and nasty hoe, I’m the one that’s sexxie boo
Have you been brainwashed like that where you want to be like me?
Crying every night, both of you chanting my sexxie name “Nikki”
“Please give me the love that you gave to her.” You can’t reach my pedestal
Stop trying to play bold cause we ALL know you’re full of bull
Your flat chested ass could never match my double D’s
And your double chin would never stand a punch from dear ole me
Your the only one getting upset by the secrets that I write
And “we” find you as entertainment, so there you have it, I won this fight
Now pay more attention to your kids and make sure they stay in school
Because I would hate for them to grow up like their mother, a fucking fool
Signing my X’s guestbook wishing to have some dinner dear?
Guess your sad ass is really searching for a Happier New Year! LOL

-The one and only... SexxieNikk

-i love making an ass out of you. Stop making it so easy...