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Subject:  Re: How was your weekend?

Well sorry to hear that things are not going well for you. My weekend went somewhat similar in a way. Kianie did not want to sleep friday night. And since neither one of us had to work Sat. I guess that was OK. Roc came home from work with a slight attitude as usual. We ended up sleeping to like 11:00 Sat morning which felt very strange. Got into it Friday night bout something. Oh yeah she asked if I saw us together in the future or something like that. Not wanting to argue or explain myself I just said yes. So then I turned it round and asked her. Her reply was."No, not if things keep going the way they are, or if they remain the same." So now I am thinking to myself, "If you do not see us together why the hell would you ask me that?" Shit, personaly I still see me with you.

So Sat. morning she has attitude, complaining that she did not sleep well because she had attitude with me because we argued before we went ot sleep and I did not make things better. She had to work Sun. and of course Kianie wanted to keep waking up slightly all night. She would not wake up all the way but she would cry trying to find her bottle and that would wake Roc up. So she had an attitude bout that.

Back to sat. She going to get pissed because we were not doing anything. Sorry but if she has some secret stash of money somewhere then far be it for me to say we have no money so what do you want me to do, pull some out of my ass so you can go and do something.

You would think that given the situation that she would be a lil more understanding.

1) My Family just watched Kianie for a Month and a Half for us.
2) During that time they brought everything that she would need, From Cloths to Food to Diapers and everything else.
3) My Dad pays for his own ticket, Fly's down to Florida. Pays for Roshanie, Raquel, Himself, and her Car to be put on AMTRACK and taken up from Florida to Virgina.
4) Pays for all of that and for everything from Vi to Ny, such as Food, Gas, Tolls...
5) Turns around and Buys the car from us. Including this months Car Note.

    Should not say buy because My parents are just taking over payments. They are leaving it in Our name so that Our Credit will be helped. Like I said they paid this months Car Note which is like $300.00 and they are putting the car under their insurance. So all together starting this month we are going to be saving almost $400.00 with out the car note and the Insurance bill for that car.

     Now here is the funny part. Since we are going to be saving that money this month she goes and says " Well lets get rid of the important bills on the 15th since we are not going to have to pay that car note." I am thinking, "Sounds good, Get rid of the Bills before they go to collections and stuff."  Well did not two days go bye and she turns around and goes, "So what are we doing for our Ann.?" I was like a lil something, thinking go out to dinner and something. She going to turn around and tell me she wants me to buy her a Damn Tredmill. It told her that a tredmill is going to coast like $300.00. She was like that is a good price. Now is it me or did we just get rid of a $300.00 payment.

     So in the end I told her that she could take her ass to the gym, which is like 8 min from the house. All state of the art equipment and 6 tredmills. She was like " Oh I do not want to go by myself and I do not want to be working out with a bunch of strangers looking at me, So I will buy the tredmill myself." So we will see come wednesday.

      Well I have to get to work. Did you still remember how to play? Did it all come back to you? Did everything work out with it? What did your Mother say?


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