By the one and only, "Curly"... Page 1
Read closely now... he admits to his big mouth

Page 2
Feeling so alone... Overcome with grief...

Page 3
Up all night thinking of moi, feeling incomplete.

Page 4
Needing me?

Page 5
Big Cry Baby! (Remember that joke?)

Page 6
Yeah, I'd say it's pretty pathetic.

Page 7
Go through any lengths to get near me, huh?

Page 8
Misses me, wants me, needs me, still thinks of me, and will always dream of me. Only me. (I hope it has now turned to nightmares for your wife's sake)

Page 9
Oh, I know already boo!

Page 10
Incomplete? Suicide? Befriend my pal? Could've, but would never and you're right! She'll never get to know the me you knew, but she can always get to know the new me, the one you created.

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