Yo... Scaredy Kat,

Told on yourself? Once again you have made things worse. Stop lying all of the damn time and finally tell the truth for once. I'm so pleased to know that you still haven't told your wife any truth. I see i still hold the cards. Her feeling so confident, telling me that she always knew the truth. Yeah right! I bet I still have more to tell. And trust me, it's not to break up your beautiful bond. Ever wonder why your wife is still there, really? It may be because in her own sick way, she doesn't want me to win. Well, it's too late sweetie. I already have. ;)

So, I hear that you were trying to play against me again, huh? Making it seem like I make a habit of certain situations. Like I'm a hoe or something? Oh ok. I see how it is. You punk bastard! You should be ashamed of yourself to have ever called yourself a Marine. You want to talk about someone who makes habits of certain situations? Hmmm.... how many women has your wife had to deal with so far? Especially when it comes to planting seeds?

Thank God I got rid of all memories and I mean ALL with the help of a real friend. Being connected with you for 18 years, much less 9 months would've been some crazy shit. There's a secret kept for your ass.

Defended you to the end.
Swallow your pride man of honor...
I hold power over current events.
It will all stop if apologies will fly...