You are delusional hon. You're fat and for God's sake, what coca cola bottle shape are you referring too? I'm skinnier than you. You are down right sloppy looking. Tried to look your best before coming over, huh? What was that... your Friday clothes? Wasn't working and your boo! He looked horrible. Damn! And once again, your husband is a bad actor. Next time rehearse a little longer before you come over with that bullshit. It had no purpose for one, and two... it was embarrassing for you. You, a real Jamaican? Please. A real Jamaican would've came to my door with more rhaatid things to say. A real Jamaican would've told the truth that she had something to do with the crime. Ya'll played stupid. Dug yourselves a deeper grave. Instead, you and your retarded husband lied. That made you both my bitches. You were 10 feet away from me and didn't know how to respond when I asked you a question. You knew damn well you were scared. Keep that fear sweetie. I love it! Keep lying to your little friend too. Like I said, only have mouth when she's around. Bring her next time. She's a true character. She doesn't need to worry about what I'm accusing her of. She already told on herself, like you did as well. You lucky I was in a playful mood. I laughed in your face and you didn't know how to react. And yes, it was in front of my mother's door. Hon, you live in someone else's family's house. Get it together. You can't even take care of your own. And tell my boy to get a job. Oh, and who said he never came running? LOL.... I never told you I got hit sweetie. Where did you get that from?

Remember, if everything was ok, then you wouldn't have been calling my cell phone harassing me on dumb shit, and you wouldn't have came to my door. With nothing to say, no less. You are a cornball. Stop sweating me! Move the fuck on already. "I'm married and your not". You guys are like 5 year olds. It's sad. I didn't say anything at my door? I spoke. You just stood there looking stupid and when I said "leaving so soon", you practically ran in the elevator. LOSERS! If your marriage was straight, you wouldn't have felt the need to have your husband apologize to you in front of me. It took him a year to apologize? Now that's what I call pitiful. You must really have some low self-esteem... You live on the facts of weight, looks, and smarts. Don't be mad because I look better than you, sexier than you, weigh less than you, and I'm smarter than you. Trust me! You're not competition. You're disgusting!

By the way, Depot girlz... you wish you had my job! LOL Broke bastards! You work at home depot... come on. Get a REAL job and a life! Ever heard of... time off? Vacation? Stop calling my house and hanging up to see if I'm home. Ever heard of call-forwarding? LOL :)

Emails dedicated to you Moe... and one for Larry!