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No I am not chicken to tell you. She doesn't work at that one.

Stop being a bully and leave her alone.

I know you can take her, You know, and Maddy knows it.

I was telling you that she can't say anything about this situation. Remember i told you she slept with J last year while she was still with W, and she also slept with some guy name Mike too. She really has nothing to say to Roc about all of this because she's in crazy shit herself. Where does a pic on the alumni account come into play? i knew she would be mad if she saw how you look. i love the picture by the way.

>Subject: Re: Re: Busy today...
>Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2001 13:54:03 -0400

> >You never answered this question...

> >does she work at Fort Washington location, or are you too chicken to tell >me? :p And what else you had to say about her and the whole "confused" situation? My best friend filled mein on some of it. She told me she had problems with her before and that she's obsessed with J.

> >Oh, adding a photo to the alumni site was someting i thought i should take >advantage of.  Just in case anyone was looking for me.  I would've put one >of my "Sexxie" pics up there, but i thought i would keep it classy. I'm glad to know your dear wife didn't like it. Jealousy is a bitch!

> >Queenee

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