To My Little Dummy

Last Round Before Showdown

You will never learn. I see that you are still thinking of me. Why must you feel the need to send me emails. Just come on over and we'll talk.

Since you said you like to read, here is something for you to memorize.

What you use to say to me 2 and a half years ago? And still?

"He will never love you." Think so? He has, he did, and the funny thing is I bet you he still does. For 13 YEARS boo, through your entire marriage. You're pathetic! He still loves me and you know it... that's why you're all fucked up in the head now. You poor thing! I heard you got mad in a previous conversation about me loving 2 men... mad because one of them wasn't yours? That's really sick. He made you feel inferior, and the sad part about it all is that you both know you are. You're even scared to have him speak to me because you know all I need is... well, not even 30 seconds. You should have more confidence in your "trueluv" bond. I already know you told him that he can never speak to me ever again. He told me that after you told him never to call. I wonder why you would want me to stay away... LOL Punk ass! He don't even defend you, so you look like an idiot right now. Oh, and thanks for using my pic. It opened a whole new door for me!

"I always will come first." Don't think that was ever true either boo. I came first, before you, your pathetic marriage, and your life. That's why you are where you are today. And I see that I still come first in your marriage. LOL Ask him why he cried his eyes out at the airport? Begged me to stay with him. If I was just ass, then why the drama? Did he pick you up late from the airport at the end of January when you went back to Cali? I wonder why? i think he mistakenly went to the wrong gate... the one he dropped me off at. Seems like he still had me on his mind.... wishing for me to come back and make a real man out of him.

"You will never get my man." Been there, done that, fucked that, left that and moved on boo. You are now just getting his love and his so-called respect after 3 lousy years of marriage. That doesn't make you woman of the year sweetie. That makes you a weak asshole. Hey, future hubby, please stop staying with her because you feel sorries. Get that girl committed, get her some professional help, some counseling, and make sure you attend some of those meetings yourself. Calling other people fools? Please! Stop embarrassing yourself, harassing people online, trying to throw threats around like you hard. Threatening my peoplez? Telling them you'll see them? Fuck that, come see me. It'll be put on you. You have no idea what lines you have crossed. That shit is dangerous. Didn't I warn you about fucking with me and mine? Oh well, you will learn. And I will laugh.

"We never talk about you." How many times did you tell me and my partner this ridiculous shit? Hmmm..... over 200 I'm sure. Oh please! You used to roll over after having sex with your husband, mentioning my name, talking about me everyday, asking him if he's thinking about me, making him want me even more. Give me a break! Not emotional enough in bed boo? I know. Blame yourself for pushing him closer to me. Still wondering why you have no friends? Because you have issues hon. Your hubby really messed you up in the head. Made your self-esteem go to it's ultimate low. Yo, my office is open to you anytime. Let me help you out with this. I'll be your friend. I have no problem with being cool with you. Like I said, we can bake cookies, have play dates, swap "Griffin" stories, it would be fun! Come on, set a better "example" (borriqua, remember... "example") for your kids.

"You will never be near my family." Pictures tell all. You always want to judge people, but you need to look at yourself. Telling "Julie" that you were cheating on your husband in FL was not cute. Who's the hoe now? All for revenge? That's real nice. Having best friends who makes habits out of sleeping with married men? Don't ever try to judge me. Oh, and tell your hubby to quit the judging as well. He who slept with numerous girls in high school behind other girlfriend's backs. Ya'll crack me up. You have no friends, no real fam, you alone boo. And I'll always be better than you. It is not my fault that your husband talked highly of me in your face. You have been jealous of me since you heard my name. You're mad because I'm prettier, smarter, skinnier, and if you knew anything about being a true Jamaican (as you like to call it), there would be no shit talking, Rasta! The both of you didn't even want to meet with me and mine. That shows us both that you are fake, cornballs, and a bunch of liers.

"My husband feels it all the time, everyday. All I have to do is look at him and he feels it." That's cute! That's real cute. Information you should've kept to yourself. (Like telling us your spanish friend was scared shitless because she was so-called threatened. That's your friend, you don't tell on them. You guys are so not ready for this game.) Good luck with that type of marriage. It's really healthy. Now I understand why you are both unhappy because just as he looks at you, he not only feels pain of his mistakes, but he also feels much sadness of what he lost. And you... you look at him and realize that it's not you he really wants. Just plainly stuck with. Shit, you're not even the next best thing. UCL, I taught you better than this. Come see me!

Now when you sit at night, thinking of me, checking my pages over and over again, just reminding yourself of how much of an ass you really are, of how much you are dying to be like me, getting all wet below the waste line, dreaming about the next time you'll see my beautiful face... roll over and give my baby a kiss for me, ok? I'm sure he's dreaming the same thing. Chuckle on this bitch!

You know what, I'm done here. There is no need for me to punish you. you punish yourself everyday by stalking me, just reminding yourself of what you WANT to be, but cannot reach. Let me go already.

Go ahead... send me another email. I dare you!