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To:   Nikki Moseley/NYC/CMPNotes@cmpnotes
Subject:  Re: Busy?

Yeah it has been one of those mornings. I woke up just not feeling it today. Sorry that I have not had a chance to reply to your last EM.  Sorry that Tianna has taken over the bed. Kianie tried but I just did like Mom said. She told me that once Kianie is ready to go to bed give her a fresh bottle and her passafier (sp) and place her in her crib. Mom said that Kianie will cry for 7 - 8 min, then she will lay down get her bottle and go to sleep. So for the last couple of nights that is just what has been happening. When she gets tired at night, I get her a fresh bottle and place her in her crib. You know what, Mom was right, every night I time it and she cries for exactly 7 or 8 min. Then she has her bottle and goes to sleep.

Do you think Tianna wants her own bed not the Crib anymore?

I have just come to except the fact that Omar is not going to change and niether is Roc. Like last night,"Oh yeah I have not gotten satisfied since the beging of the week if not longer, the last couple of days however were because she finally got her company, yes she was late also but I was not worried for some reason, And no she is not as nice as you may be because i'm sure Omar is satisfied but she does not like to go down there." She doesn't like to do anything for that matter. She's so boring and there is no feeling it. Anyhow back to what I was saying, last night she comes home and goes on about how I did not mop the floor and how I did not put away the clothes and so forth. So then it is round 11:45, and I have to be up at like 5:20 in the morning, and so we get in the bed and she is like Hold me and Talk to me. I was like it is 11:45 and I have to be up in the morning and you do not. So of course she catches attitude. Now if this was a once in a blue moon request I would have been like fine, but this is a damn near every night request. I am sorry but at 11:45 every night I am not going to have something to say to you. I don't even want to hold her for that matter.

So that was that and now I am getting slight attitude from her.  Oh well...

Nothing else really good going on, I feel a lil bad, I have not heard from your best friend and I have wanted to talk to her but I have been busy lately... It is just that I take the time to make time for you, where as everyone else has to wait until I have time...

OK I am just babbling on now... Gotta go.. I miss you and still love you very much. I wish things could be different.

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