Email # Emails by UCL a.k.a. Curly "PAUL HOLLAND" on 03/29/2001 09:47:04 AM
To: Nikki Moseley/NYC/CMPNotes@cmpnotes
Subject: Re: Voicemail

NO, not satisfied. Thinks that you will know that I did it because she >wanted it. Also knows that you would know that she was somewhere in the area >when I did it if not on the phone with me at the time... I don't want to lose you especially if it's up to her. >Is it really that bad? >Are we missing something? >Does it have to go this way? >What is on your mind? >What is your point of view with all of this? >Since when you let your phone go dead? >Or was that your way of getting out of the Omar and Ebony calls? :)

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