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"PAUL HOLLAND" on 03/05/2001 11:16:24 AM

To:   Nikki Moseley/NYC/CMPNotes@cmpnotes
Subject:  Good Monday

Ms. Moseley,

        Well I do not know how good of a morning it is so I hope that you are doing fine.  How was the weekend?  Mine was not to eventful... Got to clean up the garage this weekend. I let Roshanie take Martin (your dog) for a walk, or should I say He took her for the walk.  Kianie played with Koby for a while. I was holding her and he was standing up against the wall and she was grabbing onto his Ears and the Hair on the top of his head.

        That was Sat., then Sunday, I was suppose to go and pick up one of my Marines from the San Diego Airport. Got into a discussion bout you again on the way down there.  ? Did we go to the lake while you were here? Not sure if we did or not. She keeps bothering me about it. Getting on my nerves. Why do things have to be this way?

         Anyway enough bout me what is going on with you and your family? How is T doing? Is she feeling better, no more attacks lately? HEY did Elmo end up dying or is he still hanging in there?  Have you tuned your new toy yet?  Do you still remember how to do that?  You know that next time I visit I am going to be expecting you to show me how you play your new TOY....... :)  :)

         Well I will not keep you to long. I know that you have work to do and we both know that this is why you got into trouble at your last job... Hit me back when you can.

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