Email # Emails by UCL a.k.a. Curly "PAUL HOLLAND" on 03/28/2001 10:36:48 AM >
To: Nikki Moseley/NYC/CMPNotes@cmpnotes
Subject: Re: FW: Little Johnnie

I am doing better. >We got into it about you and maddy the other day, think it was monday. >They got mad because I would not out right promise to call you up and >"PUT YOU IN YOUR PLACE" about this em back and forth with maddy and so forth and so on. I don't even want to talk to maddy anymore because she just keeps starting roc up on this. DO NOT REPLY ON THIS >SUBJECT. Just read and discard. She might be coming to the office today. Busy, No wait why would I ask you that? You work less then I do. You just >better at perpertrating like you are working then I am. :)

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