> The Truth Hurts...
"Certain people's husbands seem to do a lot of dirt,
but I guess what they don't know, they seem to claim that it won't hurt"
"Then there's those pages and notes that seem to tell me otherwise,
she boasts and brags about her life when I know my existence makes her cry"

Your cornball ass seems to think somehow you're the one who's THE ROCK
But you possess not one damn nerve to bring yourself to my block
You are neither down with Roc-a-fella or the WWE
So you need to find yourself and stop this sick obsession with me
My boy needs to find some other hope, cause sadly hun you're not it
What you think you're really cooking smells exactly like shit
You took that long to find those flicks, your hubby had them for years
Jerking off to them I'm sure whenever the close became clear
Erotic, Tantalizing, Sweetee, Foxx, SexxieNikk
Living up to expectations, at my attention... HIS dick!
You really are a dumb ass bitch to think you got over me
I didn't forget I gave them to him to keep his ass company
I'm just surprised it took him this long to try to use them on me
It plainly shows me how much love can still exist between three
But I'm always one step ahead of you, you need to watch every one
Because I'll have your ass begging for peace before this nonsense is done
Don't act like you deserve a medal for acting like your now his wife
You should've got on your job from jump and performed those duties in life
Those many calls I listened in on when he had me on line
It proved to me that your marraige was very far from being fine
And it will continue to be, oh how I love being me
I love the way my presence tortures, in your reactions I see
See, hun, all this time you haven't realized you were it
I made you go from lil' Ragga to some Erotic bullshit
I feed on the affect that I have on you, low self-esteem hoes
I keep you shook, heavily nervous, and highly on your tip toes
A husband and his wife scourned by his high school sweetheart
Your fake ass notes and messages were boring me from the start
Now, keep on chanting I'm a "bitch" cause disrespect is not felt
A Babe In Total Control and it's of course of Herself
Don't get it twisted, I keep it gully, let me put you on to my rules
I only give respect to those where respect is clearly due
I'll let you in on a little secret since you're not exactly that bright
Open your eyes a little more and hopefully you'll see light
Your hubby was in service and you breath "home depot"
That means your dumb asses are easier to find quicker than most
Enjoy freedom while you can, and keep exposing bad deeds
And look out your fuckin' door, remember to smile and say "CHEEZE"

LOL Dedicated to my one and only stalker... Raquel Cummings!