Sweetie... this "FattyGirl" is a 38 double D, which means that I am top heavy, Ms. Flat Chested. Don't be jealous that your hubby was sucking on them. Your hubby wasn't saying much about me and fatness being that he had his head in my puss most of the time. Ooooooooowwweeeeee, did he enjoy himself! LOL Give him a huge kiss for me on those juicy lips of his. If you want, we can get this threesome going. ;) Please thank him for that famous Saturday where we spent the whole day kissing and talking and doing much more on that comfortable bed of yours. And the massage was so relaxing. Man, I can't believe he didn't mention the showers. Shame on him! Ask him if he remembers when he called me at the end of Dec, and told me that you were thinking about coming home. He asked me what my decision was and that I had to make it quick since you were planning to return at the end of January. Now, if I was just pussy, then why would he even ask me such things? Why would he ask me to marry him? Oh, and if I was just pussy, then I wonder why he was so happy to get rid of you that time you visited NY in Dec, he just put your ass on a plane, and came and hunted me down. Picked me up from the train station, came home with me, watched me undress, went to my cousin's house (the place where you were calling me off the hook crying your ass off), and drove me to the hotel down the street. but who was the one that refused? Me! You should be thanking me. What a husband to be so proud of. A guy who shoved his love for me in your face and made you feel inferior. And I already know your famous response... that was the past, stop living in the past. No sweetheart, it's your present. Not mine. Someone who continues to keep in contact with their husband's mistress must be psychotic. You feel the need to compare our lives when mine is untouchable. I told you before, our lifestyles are completely different. Your a homebody, I'm an everybody... meaning that I don't sit at home and eat cheesedoodles, I take my man and daughter out to have fun, see the sights, chill with friends and family So live on pumpkin! I know you'll find a way to keep in touch. Your husband did.

Yes, your husband did call me and said that he was going to work things out with you since I decided to stay with Omar, but it's strange on how he ended the conversation. "Well, maybe we can wait a year or two to talk again, until Raquel calms down about us." And please don't tell me he doesn't remember that conversation either. He never had a good memory. Tell him to think, damnit, think. But those high school memories were always right at the tip of his brain. Don't you find that odd? But as you say Rocky Rac, I was just pussy. If believing that makes you feel better, by all means, believe it. :) But making him hate me for telling his little dark secrets was an even better plan. Tell him I'm so, so sorry I disappointed him. Yeah, right! LOL

"Kenny, why do you feel so comfortable having long talks with her? What do you talk about? Why you never talk to me? What is it about her?" None of your damn business. And please don't come back at me with "you and all of your men. You fucking all of your coworkers." Hun, if I was.fucking all of my coworkers, as your husband told you, and I was such a hoe, slut, bitch, blah, blah, blah... then what does that say for him fucking me with no condom and eating that very pussy like there was no tomorrow? Hmmmm... I hope a light bulb appeared at the top of your head. But I doubt that very much. You have to come up with better responses than this, Rocky Rac! Tell hubby to come up with something better than this!

Now, don't bother to respond because I would then have to make you feel like an ass all over again. Everytime you sent me an email throughout those 3 years, I would send it to him and he would tell me how to respond to you. Just playing you. Now, I find that hilarious. The man you love, playing on the side against you. Too bad, sooooo sad! I'm gonna miss your pathetic ass.

Just for old time sake! "Memories.... all alone in the moonlight..... with another one's..." well, you know the rest! Should've never bothered me...



Enjoy your trip and have a nice life!
Much love and don't forget me (I'm sure you won't), Big Nikk a.k.a. FattyGirl a.k.a. SexxieNikk a.k.a. Sweetee a.k.a. Queenee a.k.a. B.I.T.C.H.
(Babe in Total Control of Herself) Muah!!!!

LOL... not this year, huh Raquel? I have come to the conclusion that my dear Raquel will never let this go and move on. I have acknowledged and accepted this because I do understand that you are mentally ill and blame can only be put onto your adoring, loving husband who really fucked your head up even more than it already was. You poor thing! First, you have to go through the humiliation of living with your first baby's father's mistress, and then this. You have been through so much. And I do understand that you are striving for attention. When I don't check your profiles, or respond to your emails, invites and notes, or sad ass webpages, you get antsy. Wow! That last email must've took a lot out of you. You are so far up my ass that it's scary. Your husband must not be doing his job at home to please you. Damn! I taught him better than that. You always jump whenever I say "JUMP". Now you have to admit, that is pretty pathetic. God, I love it! Well, as a former student of psychology, you do show symptoms of being mentally disturbed... so don't you worry Rac, I am here to help you.

Now, let's get something straight before we begin our session. Your biggest problem is that you envy me. Let's just get that out of the way. It's ok. It's understandable. I mean, I am irresistible... your husband can account for that. I'm very beautiful. And I am also very intelligent, independent, strong, loving, kind, I possess a personality, style, grace and I am extremely truthful. :) (No applause, please!) But let's look at you for a moment.

Session has now begun!


You seem to dwell on my looks for some strange reason. Could it be that you realize that I am as beautiful as they come? Could it be that you have very low self-esteem, and your husband didn't help you any in that category by saying you are not gorgeous? Now, this sickness can be really devastating. See, my dear, you have 3 strikes against you already. Me, I know I'm beautiful. You? You have doubts about yourself and I can understand why. Let's say, hypothetically speaking (I know I am using some big words... I hope you are keeping up)... hypothetically speaking, let's say I am fat. Ok. Hmmm... I think I would be ok with that because I'm cute and sexy as hell. I mean, I got your husband on it, didn't I? And according to the both of you, I got many other men on it as well. No need to sleep with anyone to have them wrapped around my little finger. But you know that, don't you? Look how your husband was. :) Anyway, let me not steer off of your session because you're kind of slow. You may get lost. Sweetie, you have 3 strikes against you though. Raquel, let's face it... you are not the fittest person in the world. Yes, your fat. That's STRIKE 1. STRIKE 2, well... you're ugly on top of that. Not a good combination. The second strike just doesn't help out the first. Maybe you should work on that. And the 3rd STRIKE, my Lord please help us all... you are not the brightest pick of the litter. So, you can't compensate for the 1st two strikes against you. You possess no personality, you have no class, and your uneducated, hun. You try too hard to be like me. You constantly keep sending me messages with the same phrases I used against you. You have to find your own style. Hell, create the damn thing.. just try to use that small brain of yours. By the way, the forehead punch was a bit much. If you read a little more books, you would know that it's a sign of intelligence. Doesn't say much for you, huh?

Keeping up so far? I do hope so. Okay, to resolve this... I truly believe you need a friend. Not that lying man you call a husband, but a real friend. Perhaps a girlfriend. I have realized that that is why you try to hold on to me. You have always been jealous of your husband and my relationship. Don't be so mad about it. What? You wanted in on it? Awww... I think you have a crush on me. So sweet! Oops... steering off of the session again. Hmmm.... since your husband told me all about you, I understand that Cybil may be your only friend since you don't make many. You're not very likeable, huh? Well, since you are begging for some attention, then I guess I'll adopt you, maybe teach you some things. Tell you what, I'll invite you to my daughter's birthday party. You can bring the girls and I'll introduce you to some classy people. I'll give you a tour of my house... ooooo... better yet, you can come to my house warming. No need to get me a gift, I know you are tight with the funds. I'll give you a tour of my house, then a ride in my car, and just hang out like old friends. Yeaaaaa! :) Oh I forgot, according to you I don't have a house and car, but I guess a stalker would think they knew that. LOL...

Raquel, this is another symptom of the sickness. Hun, Home Depot is open to the public. I shop there for things for my home and in the process it supports you and your family. Is it my fault you still work at a place where you can't even get discounts? But where else would you honestly be? (hint: GED) Silly girl... there was no need for me to speak to you. You looked pathetic enough. My hubby was just amazed at how ugly you were in person. But remember, you were the one who ran, crying on the cell phone. Lunch dates were made because you made them first in his guestbook, remember? But as always, you never hold up to what you say. ("I dare you!") The visits after that were because you invited me, and failed to even come to work. Scared? I thought so. Your husband, I'm certain, made sure your distance from me was kept. He knows the deal, I'm gangster. You have no street sense babe, so don't hurt yourself!

Another problem you have, dwelling on the way I lived my life. "Living with mommy?" You damn skippy. I love my mother. Hmmm... you must be jealous of that too. I can tell you are deprived by your lack of motherly instinct. Always trying to give your kids away. But, you lack a college degree, so you wouldn't comprehend that sort of thing. Looks like your husband ran back home to mommy and daddy as well. You need to learn to not make a fool out of yourself with the things you say. And driving by who's house? Your house?? LOLOLOLOL... oh Lord! You got it bad. No hun, your man's parent's house. Not your house. Remember? You live in the basement. Are you getting enough air down there? Just because I don't stop by to visit, doesn't mean you should get all bent out of shape. Relax baby! Driving around in my mommy's car? LOLOL Wow! You don't know much, do you? What the hell have you 2 been doing? That light bulb is a little dim above the head, isn't it? Raquel, you have never really been on your own. You have been hopping from house to house, from bed to bed, from man to man your whole life. Get it together sweetie! Like your husband once said, you will never change. You'll always be just a crazy bitch with bad weave.

Raquel, why put yourself through this punishment? You never come back with anything good. If you are so happy with your life and marriage, then you have got to learn to move on sista! Let me go! Release this love you have for me and turn it into love for your kids, your husband. Get a hobby. Maybe you need to run around the pond a bit yourself. Do some arts and crafts.. I know you don't have much talent, but damnit! I'll help you find something to do. But please, do move on.

The End
Phew! Our session is now over. Advice for you.. an apple a day does keep the doctor away. Stay away from the sweets and leave the computer alone. It's a dangerous weapon. And no pickney, it's no charge. I know you must save up all of dem pennies for a rainy day. Now, have a safe trip and please do keep in touch with your progress. I know you will find a way until this sickness dissolves. Kiss the girls for me, and pet the dog. It was my pleasure helping out an old stalker! Enjoy your going away gift I sent. Until next time... MEOW!

"These shoulders hold up so much, they won't budge.. I'll never fall or fold up. Even if my collar bones crush and crumble, I will never slip or stumble... cause I'm a soldier"