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You know I had to stop by and show my boo some luuuuuvvvv! What's up, sweetie?! Wish I was the first lady to hit your spot, but at least I was the *sexxiest*. ;) You have shown me so much luv for a long time now, and I thank you for that. Yo, Bornz... you know who has your back. Holla at me later and you better come to the barbecue! ;)

Your one and only, SexxieNikk
*The Sexxie Poetic*

*Spreading some Queenz luv to ya!*
Hey sweetie,
Just wanted to stop
by & bless your page with
a little dose of me..
Holla back at a sista
and do the same...


*Spreading some Queenz luv to ya!*


*~* SexxieNikk *~*
*~* Visit me anytime! *~*

The Sexxie One

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