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Winner is: "Friends Are Supposed To Be 4Ever..." by: Friends 4Ever
(Author wished to be anonymous)


Remember way back when you were in elementary, and you used to doodle your friends' or little girlfriend's or boyfriend's names all over your notebook? Those were the days, huh? Sometimes I wonder why my friends do the things they do now. I thought they were my girlz. I thought that they were supposed to be there for me, but they were never around... especially through the bad times when I really needed them. Now, I have no respect for them because they are all just a bunch of bitches and hoes. You wonder why I would say that about my own friends? Well, I don't consider them as my friends anymore... I consider them as enemies.

Oh, we all still speak... and maybe hang out once in a while --- but you know the old saying, "Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer." Well, that's what I live by. That line is my own personal quote. I smile up in their faces, and they swear that I'm sincere... but I'm just using them, like they onced used me.

You must be dying to know what's my beef with these so-called friends, huh? Well, I'll tell you... One thinks she's better than God, another used what was mine and never paid me back. Two more think they're God's gift to every man in town... and I mean every man, another calls and comes around when she wants something. And neither one of them is all that. Is this what friendship is all about? Damn, if I knew it was like this I would've never bothered. Shit like that, I couldn't deal with. Now, let's see if they can deal with me. What do you think?

Friends 4ever

"Nikki's Response..."

Dear "Friends 4ever",

You were fooled... by your so-called friends that is. Friendship is definitely not supposed to be that way, and you didn't do anything wrong. Your friends just don't know how to value you for what you are---so, it's time to find new ones. You can start right here... I'll be your friend.

I used to feel the same way you do about some of my friends, but I just let it go and move on. For some strange reason, some act like they're in competition with you, but I never figured out what the prize was. Maybe you will... Just try to enjoy life while you still can. Life is too short for that sort of crap.

Take care, and write to me any time!! Survive girl...

Nikki a.k.a *SWEETEE*

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