Happy Valentine's Day

*Dream Come True*

Gliding slowly through the hall, a gentle smile swept my way
Favor returned, his eyes were gleaming, I believe that mine were the same
There was a door, slightly opened, I slipped in, took a seat
From behind me I could feel on my neck intense heat
Oh no, I couldn’t take that chance, I couldn’t look around to see
If that gentle smile was maybe sitting close behind me
Could it be that boyish figure who had his eyes full of gleam
Or could it be my imagination, the whole of it just a dream
I tried my absolute best to keep my head facing front
Trying to focus all attention ‘cause teacher’s pet was my hunt
But the harder it became, my inner Friskie took hold
I just couldn’t help myself, so it was time to be bold
While the teacher was explaining about the stars in the sky
I was simply trying to see if in fact my star was behind
Fixing my hair, shifted my chair, made sure i had enough room
I snuck a look, to my surprise a little guy full of drool
He could hardly see over the table, he waved “My name is Lovell”
I flashed a smile and grabbed my bag, oh thank God, saved by the bell
But then I noticed that there was an empty seat next to him
I would bet my bottom dollar there sat my knight with the grin
He must’ve slipped out right before, his chair was right by the door
The little guy stuck close behind, he pointed down to the floor
It was a note addressed to me, I slowly bent, picked it up
Full of hearts over the “I’s”, there was my name on the top
Folded up a million times, finally got it unleashed
“Could you meet me after school? Probably about 3?”
“Sincerely”, huh? There is no name! I hope my guesses were right
As I stepped out of the building, in front of me stood my knight
He stood in front of me, a serious look on his face
It was too late, I had no chance to turn and try to escape
So I face all my “love fears”, prepared myself for the worse
As I took a step towards him, and prayed my heart would not burst
i looked him straight in the eye, acting as hard as can be
Then on one knee, extended his hand....

“Go to the prom with me please?!”

-By SexxieNikk

Here I am in my morbid days! LOL

Happy Valentine's Day

The perfect day that I dreamed about for years,
The day that will vanish my tears and my fears.
As I walk in the house there’s this scent of my love,
With you, that was sent from the heaven above.
The fire place lit with warmth all around,
With candy and roses that bring smiles, slash my frowns.
Tiny red hearts painted all on the wall,
Scented candles lit up; not too short, not too tall.
Now all that is missing is your cute, loving face,
And there is no trace, of your face, any place.
I search in cabinets, under tables, in closets to find,
more flowers and gifts that I suppose were all mine.
I laughed with excitement and smiles filled with glee,
Still surprised at the fact that all this love was for me.
I danced and I pranced around the living room floor,
wondering “Where can I find the guy I adore?”
I heard a noise in the back from the master bedroom,
So I zoomed to the room to find my handsome groom.
Before opening the door I imagined your face,
Neatly shaved with a smile and some gum just in case.
Music softly playing; not too loud, not too low,
Bubble bath set for me; not too hot, not too cold.
As you lay on the bed, in one hand a red rose,
in the other a glass of champagne as you pose.
As my excitement rises I reach for the knob,
And in side I hear “Baby, oh Baby come now!”
Hearing you beg I start to get wet,
As I opened the door, I lost all bets...

Yanie: Ayo, Nik. A $100 that nigger will fuck up before the end of this month... I bet!
Nikki (me): Al right. That’s my Boo...my baby. He shows me no disrespect!

But I failed, I was so wrong as I looked upon you,
With your hand on her ass, and the other holding brew.
I just stared as you continued without knowing I’m there,
With my tears and my fears coming back with no cares.
Your dick’s at attention and she continues to barge,
While I pull out my nine and show you both I’m in charge.
You start to plead and beg as she reached for her bra,
I shot my gun twice and you whined like a dog.
All the blood, all I see is that blood all around,
But my heart has turned hard, so i cannot frown.
I start planning on how to cover this up,
But all I can think about is how you can fuck,
My best friend who was not only a friend but my couz,
We looked like twins, nothing different, except I had a pulse.
You tried to crawl out the door through the corner of my eye,
But I caught up and ordered you to explain “Why?”
You had nothing to say and I had nothing to prove,
So I left and I hoped that you will live with the truth.
As I went to the door, I faintly said...
“Happy Valentine’s Day, Mother Fucker!,” and shot you in the head.
By: SexxieNikk

*Happy Valentine's Day*


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