Frequently Asked Questions

To the many questions I receive through "notes", I decided to dedicate this page to those who ask them. Here are the answers you were looking for, and I hope this helps. If you happen to not find your answer here, then don't hesitate to ask again.

What's your name? Not too hard to figure it out by my BP name. :) Think hard... think reeeaaallllyyy hard now!

Are you single? Nope. Haven't been since I was 13. LOL :)

Is that your daughter's father in the picture? Why, yes it is! Don't you see the resemblance?

Do you still love him? With everything in me.

Do you have a good relationship with your daughter's father? Of course I do. We're best friends and always will be. There is no baby daddy or mamma drama over here. We'll always be there for each other!

How many times have you been in love in your lifetime? Hmmmm..... you guys are trying to dig in me deep, huh? I guess I would say...... 3 times.

Are you searching for someone new? Nope. I already have my heart and my hands full. If something was to happen between me and my daughter's father, then I would be chillin' for a while after that.

Ever asked to be married and by who? Yes, but I'll keep the persons anonymous since some wives or girlfriends may get their feelings hurt. I'll just say that I was asked 5 times by 5 different men.

Do you plan on having more children? Of course. SexxieNikk is not done blessing the world just yet. Don't you think there should be more of me? :)

How many? I want about 2 more. A boy and another girl.

Do you plan on having any babies anytime soon? Well, I'll be in the middle of moving soon because I just got a townhouse, so once I get that done, get my new car in order, and my funds in check, then I will be ready. But unfortunately, I just lost my baby a couple of months ago. And yes, it was by my daughter's father. I don't bounce around like that.

What do you love to do in your spare time? Well, I mostly love to do activities with my little one... but I guess hanging with my crew, movies, bowling, shopping, playing my violin, planning trips, web designing and writing is at the top of my list as well.

You say you are a Data Analyst. What exactly do you do for a living? Nosey bastards! LOL I'm kidding... I do just what my title says. I analyze data. I work with one of the leading interdealer brokerage firms, analyzing data recorded by brokers and traders. So in other words, I look at numbers all day, but don't worry... I'm a math freak! I also create and manage different databases, which is where my programming background comes in. I guess college does pay off 'cause I'm being paid very well. :) To sum it all up in two words... Database Management.

What company do you work for? Send me a note and if I trust you, I may tell you. I have a couple of stalkers, so no need to give them any access, you feel me?! LOL

So, you can give advice on what stocks are good to invest in? Uhhh... well, I wouldn't be too confident to tell someone else but for myself I have invested in some companies that are doing pretty well; COACH and WWE (F out). I also have my hand in Johnson & Johnson, Disney, Wal-Mart and for my depot chicks, Home Depot. NIKE is also a good one.

Do you travel? With my job? Yes. I will be traveling to London in the coming months. On my own? Of course. The last biggest trip I made was on a cruise in Dec 2000 to the Southern Carribean. (Went to Puerto Rico (Old San Juan), St. Croix, St. Lucia, Barbados, Antigua, and St. Thomas). I had a ball. Also made a trip to Cali that year in Nov 2000. Can't wait to go to Cali. again at the end of this year of 2002 and possibly Florida in Dec 2002 because it's time for my angel to visit Disney World... and Hawaii and Jamaica next year, 2003.

What kind of businesses have you started or plan to start? I have already started a web design business that I call "Cheyenne WebDesigns" after my daughter. I do some desktop publishing from home, helping clients out with flyers, business cards, and such. I created a party-planning business called "CatEyes Entertainment" where I help organize and decorate, along with arts and crafts (like favors). I am also helping out my mother-in-law with her catering business that she runs out of her home, called "HomeCooking Enterprises." We are in the process of merging them together. And I do plan on opening a day care in the future, specializing in teaching children computers.

What kind of movies do you like? I'm all ACTION baby!

Favorite movies? The list is too damn long, but the ones that inspired me and my writing were Love Jones and Poetic Justice. I'm a Vin Diesel, John Travolta, Nicholos Page, Al Pacino, Robert Dinero, Bruce Willis, Will Smith, Tom Cruise kind of chick... Pitch Black, Face Off, The Rock, Independence Day! Stuff like that. (Much props to The Scorpion King, Spiderman, and Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones)

What kind of flowers do you like? Honestly, I love carnations... but my heart will flutter for a rose any day.

Is that your REAL hair? Yes, that's my REAL hair. :)

Is that your REAL eyes? Yes, that's my REAL eyes. And they change colors too. Cool, huh?

Tattoos? Not yet. Designing one right now.

Do you have an older sister? Yes I do, and sorry fellas... she's engaged.

Where do you like to shop? I love knick-knacks, so you can catch me at any flea market. But for clothes and such, I shop mostly at Victoria's Secret, Eddie Bauer, Lord n' Taylor, COACH and Disney.

Do you cook? I seem to always find a man who loves cooking for me so I rarely have to, but I can cook. I do my thing when I put my mind to it.

Do you wear thongs? Now, that's for me to know and for my man to find out. You so nosey! :)

Size of breasts? Are you serious? Now if I get this question one more time, I'm going to have to hunt you down myself and slap you. You don't ask a woman this sort of question. Show some class! Shit, look at the picture and come up with your own size 'cause I'm not sharing.

Are you satisfied? Everytime the deed is done! Damn straight, but didn't I tell you that's for me to know...

Do you work out? Yup! I lift weights at home, and run on the weekends near the pond by my home. For you Queens kats, that's Baisley Pond.

What modeling agency are you from? Once again, I am not a model... but I am downright flattered. Thanks for the compliment.

Do you dance? Professionally, no. I used to dance/perform when I was younger. My RV fam know about that. :)

Do you drive? I get this question a lot. Why do you want to know? You buying me a car?? Yeah, I drive! I'm buying a new car in 3 months. You want to chip in? :)

Do I have any girlfriends available? Hmmm... My GIRLZ can be seen here. Some may be single, but that's for them to tell. But truthfully, we are in high demand so single is not quite in our category... and if it happens to be, it's only for a moment.

Do you throw parties often? Not that often, but I'm planning some trips and such for the summer, so I'll let you guys know when they come up. (For example, a trip to Sesame Place, Great Adventures, Dorney Park; that kind of thing)

What kind of parties? I want to throw a beach party, but that's still in the planning. Most likely a bowling one, I'll keep you posted...

Are you throwing another BBQ this year? Of course I am. It's an every year thing! I gotta represent! It will probably be at the end of August! Plus, there will be another for my daughter's birthday, but that's for the kids. Gotta love the kids! :)

Can you help me hook up my page? Sure, if you can trust me with the password. Let me know what you want, and I'll deliver.

What inspires you to write what you spill? Life's lessons.

Do you plan on getting any of that published? Actually, I do. I'm working on that now, and there's talk about me telling my "stalker" story.

What do you hate the most? Well, if referring to BP... I hate people with pages that have things flying all over the place and you can't even see what they were trying to do or say. Coordinate people, coordinate! The second thing is people who are only on here to hate on others. That takes up too much time and energy. Get a life!

Is your "Stooges" drama for real? Yup! It's for real. And it still continues... but I don't have time for the games. I'm on some other shit. But hey, I wouldn't mind meeting them on the street.. just chillin'. I no longer have any beef. It's just purely entertainment!

Anything new on the "stalker/stooges" front? Now you know! This is Big SexxieNikk. Of course there is. My lovely friend Rac sent me an instant message the other day asking about how I was and how my daughter is. She must've been dreaming about me again. I see that I am still at the tip of her ugly little mind. Then after her lovely greeting, I had to hear by word of mouth that her and her precious husband are writing messages for me on the site. Now, I am entertained once again by immaturity and foolishness, but you gotta love it. I mean, who are they trying to fool. The whole class already knows the deal. They are both some sick individuals.

What did they write? Hmmm... well, they had to describe their fantasy home to the whole class, not that anyone really cares, but give us all a break. Who in the hell would spend time to write that in their high school profile? LOL Anyway, we all know that neither one of them can afford a house, much less a shack. One works at home depot and not even a manager yet after 6 years, and the other crossed the picket line at a bus company. I bet they did have to save a pretty penny. LOL We know the deal! "Oh, and I've been at home for 7 years? Let's make that 25 years and by choice sweeties. Jealousy is a terrible disease."

Why it take you so long to answer my note? Believe me, it is nothing against you... but I'm not on BP everyday and I get like 50-100 a day so please give me time to answer. Be patient, sweeties! I won't forget you. Thanks for all the love though. Some of you guys are downright sweet as hell! Black men are definitely a beautiful thing! :)

Where can I find you again? Don't think I ever told, but you can always find me on BP => "SexxieNikk", AOL=> "SEXXIE 134" Talk to you soon...