CatEyes Entertainment & SEG Incorporated presents... *BBQ for the CREW*

Date: Saturday, August 25th 2001
Rain Date: Saturday, September 1st 2001
Time: 12 Noon
Place: Hempstead Lake State Park, Long Island
Contacts : Nikki (917) 757-7547
Omar (917) 494-8328
RSVP by: Sunday, August 19th 2001

Unless told otherwise!
RSVP Nikki by August 19th for suggestions on what to bring

It may change!

Note: I am looking forward to the ghetto entertainment that is expected! And don't worry... this time certain people are appointed to a grill.  

Picnic Area
It consists of grills, picnic tables, and water fountains (for easy clean-ups).

The Park
It has 2 playgrounds, basketball courts, tennis courts, soccer field, softball field, plenty of room for a volleyball net, hiking & walking trails, and a number of paths around the lake!!

Park is located off Exit 18 on the Southern State Parkway.

Need a ride? Rent a DAMN car!
You are only entitled to a ride if my sister, Noelle... likes ya! And she likes no one. :) Just kidding... don't worry, just let us know, but remember... you are not entitled to ride shotgun!

If lost...
Please contact Nikki @ 917-757-7547 and leave a message with your name and a number to call back.

Meeting Spot
At the side of the Basketball Court!!
When entering the park, go to Field #1. It's the very first exit once you enter the park. There is a $5 cover charge per vehicle. You can be seen from the park when you reach the toll booth, so it will be hard for anyone to get lost.

For donations of food & supplies, here's the list!

Another Note: It is expected that we are hanging out after the BBQ... maybe bowling, maybe movies, maybe clubbing, maybe even to crash someone's house. Feel like participating? Have any suggestions on what to do? Let me know. Also, I think I'll be taking Tianna to Sesame Place the next day. Anyone feel like tagging along, make sure you have a ride and some dough. I welcome the company! Hope to see you all there!

Love Always...

SexxieNikk & Majestie

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