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S.E.S. 13

Welcome to the Sea Explorer Ship 13 webpage. Our post is located in Bernalillo New Mexico. We have members in Bernalillo, Moriarity, and Albuquerque. Our Skipper and first mate reside in Placitas New Mexico.

Our ships original boat is a J/24 named Kachina which we also named our post after. While many Sea Explorer troops like Power boats we are a sailboat club. Our skipper has been sailing for many years and decided he wanted to get youth into the sport. We also do not cruise sailboats we were all tought to sail under race situations and have become excellent crew for undermanned race competitors.

Kachina competing in a race at Heron lake in Northern N.M.

Our ship now has a second boat which is a santana 20. My self and two others have been racing it for a couple of months. We recently raced in the Dillon Open in Dillon Colorado. For the first time we raced against other Santana 20's after only racing that boat four other times this race was an excellent learning experience because the people that have been racing santanas and know what they are doing with them were more than glad to help out with any and all of our problems.

For more info e-mail me here or you can e-mail our skipper Rich Strasia you can also visit my personal page here