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Description of the
Republic of Medea

   The Republic of Medea was founded in the year 2000 by its current Medea. It was founded as an ally to the Republic of the City-States, founded by the first Beauieo in the same year. Eventually, after marriage and divorce, the former Beauieo resigned his reign to the Medea, therefore making the Republic of the City-States a part of the Republic of Medea.

    This Republic’s basic principles are peace and happiness, a place where not everything is by the book. The Medea felt that the government of the USA lacked the common sense of what was right and wrong and many people were judged based on what the book said. Only in movies did people get rewarded for doing what was right, even if it was against the law. She realized that sometimes, boundaries were too much when it came to safety of oneself or others. Therefore, she decided to start her own country to show people that there is somewhere where what’s right is in the eyes of the beholder, not the book.

    Medea is a name meaning "female ruler". All the rulers of the Republic are to be female.

For more, please read the Constitution

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         Republic Capitol - Lasair

        Republic Language - English

        Republic Religion - Beauyoizm

        Republic Tree - Weeping Willow (Represents strength even in weakness)

        Republic Animal - Bull

        Republic Motto - Strength in times of need, compassion in times of doubt.


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