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Of the Republic of Medea



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  1. 1) In this Republic, all citizens shall have granted citizenship of the Republic of the City-States, if they wish. No fighting/war shall occur between the Republics, as stated in the treaty at the end of the Constitution, by cause of religion or otherwise. In the case that war occurs between the Republics, beginning with the Republic of Medea, those responsible will be dealt with by the Medea and not in a trial situation. If war is started by a city-state, the subjects of Medea are expected to report the incident to the Medea immediately and they are not to engage in challenges of war. War will not be tolerated.
    1. a) In the event that 10 or more subjects believe an act by a person, including the Medea, is uncalled for, they are to sign a petition for trial. A community petition will be held in the offices of the Medea for all to sign freely or create if they feel necessary. All names on a petition will be anonymous, except in cases of trial where the names are legitimate information. If after one month the petition has not been signed by at least 10 people, the petition will be considered null. The complete petition will be acted on immediately. Those who feel they are being treated unfairly are encouraged to speak up.

      b) A jury will be chosen on a volunteer basis. In the form for citizenship, one has the right to leave the "Volunteer Juror" space blank. A volunteer juror has the right to refuse their service in the event of family or personal emergency. Those who feel they cannot present themselves for jury are to notify the Medea within 6 days of the set trial so that another juror may be found.

      c) Trials will be scheduled for two weeks after the Medea recognizes a complete petition. Jurors will be notified immediately so that they have time to deny their services.

      d) All citizens of this country shall have a fair trial in the event that a crime is committed. It shall be known that no crime is acceptable. A fair trial constitutes a fair hearing of the entire case, both sides of the story, then a judgement of whether the act was a crime or not. Those under trial will be judged on the basis of whether they believed their actions were called for or not. A jury will be present in all cases to deem whether they feel the act committed was a crime or not.

      e) Trials ending in the subject charged guilty of crime will result in punishment. Once a trial has ended and the subject is being held guilty, the results will go to the Medea. From the results of the trial and based on the crime committed, the Medea will make her sentence.

          A) Capital punishment is not to be assigned by the Medea. If she feels that the crime deserves a punishment of this sort, she is to contact the Head Priest and he will administer the sentence if need be.

          B) If the Medea has a petition signed against her, and is found guilty in trial, she is to automatically resign her rule. The next Medea takes over immediately.

    2. 2) The ruler of the Republic is the Medea, a female ruler. She is to chose her court, as well as who receives the title after she is gone. The Medea holds her rule until she either resigns or dies. As long as the same Medea holds rule, her court shall remain the same until a subject of the court resigns. He who resigns chooses who will take their place and title. If a new Medea decides that the court of the previous Medea is unnaceptable, she has the right to choose a new court.
    1. Head of Security: moniters actions by the Medea, as well as actions of others in the court. It is expected that all members watch out for the actions of others and report it to the HOS or the Medea, if need be.
    2. Head of Treasury: moniters monetary status of the Republic, and makes a monthly report to the Medea, except in times of economical stress, in which the HOT will make a report as often as the Medea deems necessary.
    3. Head of Army: carries out orders from the Medea in times of war and moniters borders in times of threat from other countries. Chooses his own army. When the HOA retires, the army remains and modifications are made as members of the army retire. Members of the army do not choose who succeeds their position, as this is a job of the HOA.
    4. General of War: takes army to fight in the rare event that war should occur. The GOW gives the army their orders, after receiving his personal orders from the Medea. He is expected to follow his orders, and in cases where the Medea leaves a choice to him, the GOW is to give the army his personal orders. The GOW chooses who succeeds him.
    5. Head of Interest: watches people’s actions and is to report to the Medea what he/she feels is in the people’s best interest. Takes comments from the free public and decided whether the suggestions are in the public’s best interest or not. Any suggestion made to the Medea by the HOI will be carried out.
    6. Heads of Media: moniter news, radio, and tabloids, and reports to the Medea anything which they believe is unnecessary reporting. If the Medea feels reported media is infact unnecessary, the tabloid, etc. will be automatically shut down.
    7. High Priest/Priestess: moniters religious occurances, helps The Medea/community with problem-solving, and encourages religion without forcing it upon subjects.


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