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D & B Poetry

All on this page is strictly Copyright © 1999 Mindy LaDean Shank (MS Savannah)

Look & Listen to your Dreams

Words Cold without Braille or the sight of the blind
Words are Silent without sign language or the eyes of the deaf
Those who can see or hear-- asleep in the darkness or sound.
there dreams unknowingly blind and deaf
but because of this impairment are still not dumb
come with me and succumb
to the genius you may never see or hear
without listening and seeing the words
there cultures are not to fear.

Dreams still come to those that are deaf and blind
because the deaf can not speak, they can still be heard
because the blind can not see, doesn't mean they don't see
deeper than you or me.

Just because they have one less sense than you or me
doesn't mean they can't teach our dreams to be free.
In sleep the eyes are closed but the ears never.
In sleep the deaf's ears are closed but awake to touch forever.
Dreams at loss without these visions
not large or perceptive enough
Listen to the silence
with your eyes.
Close your eyes
to see again.
oh.... and....
Wake Up!

MSavannah March 5th, 1999

MS Savannah is compiling a poetry anthology by known and unknown poets for poetic recognition in cultures of their kind. Plenty of literature is avaliable written by those who are not deaf or blind. I think they deserve more than their share.
Poetry of the Deaf & Blind Cultures

This page is in the back of MSavannah's (my) poetry book. The Link is below.

Poetry can be underestimated. However, the true power of it's messages, and effects can sharpen one's perception on themselves and others. This site is dedicated to the perceptions of the deaf and blind. They all have extraordinary perceptions that those of us such as myself that can see or hear don't. The simplest can be the most complex, and beautifully stated. The simple way situations are perceived is one that a lot of us may be able to relate to seen in a different light. The simple happenings of daily life to world and social issues. From the complexity of the simple; to the simplicity of the complex. Things that we all think about can be given a different light to those who are deaf or blind.

~If over 300 poems are received I will publish a hardback volume of poetry containing these works. You will retain the copyright of your poetry and sent a contract proposal of one time use to this anthology.

~A book will be given to the poet. Braille will be offered- Other copies will also be available for their loved ones and those interested to purchase.

~Vulgar and explicit poems are not accepted. Nor pity for neither are cultures to be pitted.

~International poems are accepted and encouraged.

~Include a five line miniature biography.

~If you are not deaf or blind I will accept poems about your genuine perception of run in's with those that are. This will be only a small section in the book. The competition is much higher in this area for it's limited space.

~I respect all works of poetry any style any length. I will not put confining structures on anyone's poetry. But they must be origional works of your own. Don't push a poem it has to happen. Please submit no more than 5 poems-
Their are very few deaf and blind poets and I would give praise if this field were to expand. Best Wishes. MS Savannah

~This is the only proposed anthology of it's type in the world. With your support this may become an annual anthology. This will only be successful with your help.

Mail Poems to:
D&B Poetry
PO Box 682
Dayton, OH 45449

If you are submitting poems through the e-mail address please include your home address.

Poem of the week: none have been submitted.


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Tribute to Lansing F. Hall

Unlike people painting bigger than life portriates of poets and the like of people with fame. This man was never given the chance, nor will I punish him to such a torture. I own his book. He was a blind man who also wrote poetry on the side and in 1868 published a book. This is in the inside page, in raised letters feeling like braille but it is not. Very condiderate for those who can see. But like the below picture shows it wouldn't be oh so bad to learn Braille.

This book I own entitled "Voices of Nature" is very old as you may tell by the scan of one of the inside pages, and very rare to find. Try if you will, and good luck it's highly worth reading. In all these searches to deaf and blind poets I was able to find only this book.

I've come to feel that not enough deaf and blind people either know poetry or have published. I would like to give them this chance seeming how this different perspective could be helpful to the blind, as deaf people have an enchanced view of sight, and to deaf people for what the blind can hear amplified. Poetry ladies and gentleman, I believe, could amplify the awarness of these senses. Sometimes (like the media) you have to go overboard for people to hear you. The deaf can only earnestly go "overboard" for those who can't see the way they see.. The blind can only earnestly go "overboard for those that can't hear what they hear, or see what they see through touch. Not in such a way that it's the sences the poetry is concerned about, but that it is seen throught the truth of the poetry. That the poetry is simply touched by the deaf or blind essence without knowing iit. Also to those who can see and hear to see what the accuation of these sences are missing from us.

Also- to those of you rolling your eyes. There is a program for blind people to "see" these pages.

Tribute undercontruction....... come back soon