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Oñate High School Navy JROTC

1996-1997 Honor Unit!
1997-1999 CNET Unit!

This is the home of Oñate High School Naval Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps. The purpose of NJROTC is to promote leadership and patriotism. Out of high school cadets may enter the service with a rate of E-3. They may also continue with their training and go either to a college R.O.T.C. or academy. After the academy or R.O.T.C. they can enter the service as an officer. These are just a few of different combinations of entering the service after J.R.O.T.C. Links visit our links to see which schools are linked to us. If you want your link posted please e-mail the webmaster, or just get it directly to me

Our unit at Oñate High School has distinguished themselves in the area of the southwest. The Unarmed Drill Team is state champions for the state of New Mexico. They also rank number four in the nation. Our unit is an Honor Unit. In order to get honor unit, your unit must first get inspected by an area manager. The area manager goes around inspecting all of the units in the area. After inspection is completed the results are sent to headquarters where in our case is in Pensacola, Florida. After analyzing the scores a few units are then picked based on community service projects, special teams, etc. Only ten percent of all the units in the nation are chosen to honor units. Oñate High School's J.R.O.T.C. is one of these honor units for the year 1996-1997. One of our main groups to our unit is the special teams. Special teams are cadets that are enrolled in Naval Science and do everthing a normal cadet would do, and then some. Special team cadets are required to be above the normal cadets, and mediocrity is not allowed. Special team members are required to maintain a grade point average of 2.0 or higher. Their conduct must be at utmost highest of any cadet. They must also know their military knowledge such as general orders to the sentry, current events, past events, and any miscellaneous information. These cadets are the few and majority of our unit. Our unit also does what is called community service. Community service, our cadets gather at a set destination. At the destination muster, roll call, takes place. When everyone has arrived for the project we either clean up the area or provide assistance to the business. Our most recent community service was at dickerson's barn. We cleaned up what was left of a halloween party.
In order to run the unit right or in order we should thank the cadets that have taken leadership positions. The officers of the unit do certain jobs in order to make the unit run smooth and in order. The company commander makes sure every cadet is doing exceptional in their studies or just makes sure they stay out of trouble. The special teams coordinator makes sure the special teams are doing well with their drill practices and are ready for competitions to learn more about these important cadets view the staff page.

Our leaders for the unit are Commander Mike Dixon and Master Chief Juan Duran. If you would like to get in touch with them you may click down below.

Commander Dixon

Master Chief Duran

last modified: May 25, 1999