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Historic Amateur Boxing Matches!

More fantastic and rare boxing matches featuring big names from the world of Professional boxing in AMATEUR MATCHES!

TYRELL BIGGS vs PETER HUSSING: From the 1982 Amateur World Championships!

FRANK PENA vs JULIAN RAMIREZ #2: The 2nd meeting between Ramirez and the late great Frank Pena! They were VERY YOUNG in this matchup!

RAY LEONARD vs BOGEN GAJDA: Rds. 1 & 3 ONLY of this international amateur boxing action featuring the legendary hall-of-famer "Sugar" Ray Leonard!

ANDRE WARD vs UTKIRBEK HAYDAROV: Boxing's hottest young middleweight contender in action from the 2004 Olympic games!

LARENT BOUDOUANI vs ROBERT WANGILA: Both of these boxers would go on to become big names in the world of Professional boxing!

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