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VOLUME 20 of Amateur Days Boxing Series

More great professional boxers in Amateur action! ANTHONY STEWART and ANTONIO TARVER meet for the 2nd time at the '95 US Championships. A fascinating clash of punchers when "Saigon" SKIPPER KELP squares off against TERRON "Tramp" MILLETT! Former Heavyweight Champion MICHAEL MOORER takes on Cuba's ORESTES SOLANO. FRANCISCO DAMIANI fights TYRELL BIGGS in their 2nd amateur meeting, and this one is for the '84 Olympics! JULIAN "The Dealer" WHEELER takes on RAMAZI PALIANI at the 1992 Olympic Games.

Julian Wheeler battles Ramazi Paliani at the '92 Olympic Games

RUNNING TIME: 60 Minutes
PRICE: $12.00

More great pro boxers when they were AMATEURS!

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