ARTISTdirect: Hey guys! Nice to see everyone back for another round of "Ask KoRn."
ARTISTdirect: This time, Mr. David Silveria's in the hot seat! No, he's not typing his own answers, but he IS here and ready for your questions, so ask away!
ARTISTdirect: Welcome to Talk City, David!

David Silveria: Thanks, it's nice to be here. First, I would like to say I miss all of our fans out on the road. And sorry that I had to miss part of the tour. I am looking forward to being back on the road soon. Let's talk!

spot88: What is the worst job you ever had??
David Silveria: Selling pot.

David_lover: What do you think about the boy bands like 'N Sync and BSB?
David Silveria: I really do not have anything against them. The way I look at it, there's millions of kids - they listen to their music and it makes them happy. And that's only a positive thing. It has nothing to do with Korn.

kidz40oz: What's the place that you guys have played with the craziest fans?
David Silveria: There's been so many crazy shows. I can't really single them out. KoRn fans in general are just crazy, everywhere!

SweerKoRn: David, is there one thing that you want to ask your fans?
David Silveria: What do you want our next record to sound like? Heavier, or more melodic?

KoRn_freak: How old were you when you started playing the drums?
David Silveria: I started when I was nine years old in my bedroom with a practice pad.

LLP: Are you thinking of retiring?
David Silveria: No, that was just a rumor. I am doing everything I can to fix my wrist and get back on the road. And no, I'm not in rehab.

fredd: What's the hardest part about being on the road?
David Silveria: Being away from our families and sleeping in a bus, traveling night after night.

KoRn_freak: Are you going to teach your son how to play drums?
David Silveria: Yes, he already has a drum set. Whether or not he becomes a drummer will be his choice.

kim20: Are you a boxer or brief kind of man?
David Silveria: I'm a boxer kind of man!

elcucuy08: How many drum sets do you own?
David Silveria: I own five drum sets.

sparkle_ch_us: How does it feel to be away from your family while you are gone on tour? Do you guys ever get scared of playing in front of a huge crowd?
David Silveria: We miss our families when we are on tour - that's always hard. And, no, I really don't get nervous in front of big crowds any more, just excited.

SkylineGTR: What do you guys think about the ongoing Napster lawsuits?
David Silveria: I think Napster is kind of like when the Blink set came out - I don't think it's the end of the record companies, but somehow it needs to be controlled. How, I'm not sure.

Kacey: If you could go on tour with another band who would you pick?
David Silveria: Well, it looks like Metallica right now, because that's what we are doing.

littlemasochist: What kind of music do you listen to on the tour bus?
David Silveria: I really don't listen to that much music on tour, besides our shows. After playing as loud as we do, my ears are pretty burned.

gube: What would you say broke ya'll to the other side from playing small clubs to where you are now?
David Silveria: Playing those small clubs, night after night - that constant touring built up our fan base. And here we are now, playing arenas!

justme: What's the weirdest thing a fan has given you?
David Silveria: A dead raccoon head. Some freaky guy in the Midwest brought a raccoon head to a show.

MKA: Do you guys get along the whole time you're on tour?
David Silveria: For the most part. There are little arguments here and there, nothing serious.

h-man: When are you expected to return?
David Silveria: Hopefully, I will return in July for the Metallica tour. If not, I will return after that to make the next record, and so on.

Samantha294: David, I was just wondering, who in the band are you personally closest to?
David Silveria: It depends. All of us are pretty close. We each have different relationships with each other, but we are all really close.

natalie: Is your wife mad about over-obsessive girls that chase you?
David Silveria: No, my wife is cool. She doesn't worry about that kind of thing.

Cherry36: I was wondering if you are going to be ready to play for the summer tour with Metallica and Kid Rock?
David Silveria: I am trying my hardest to be ready, and I really hope I am.

RyanHKCarr: David, which band member have you known the longest?
David Silveria: Fieldy was the first band member I met.

slipknotica69: What do you think is the best band out today in rock music (besides KoRn)?
David Silveria: Limp Bizkit.

popKoRn: What's the most sick and twisted thing you've done?
David Silveria: I really can't talk about it! I don't really do anything too sick.

Annie: What is the craziest thing a fan has done to meet you?
David Silveria: There has been lots of radio stations that do contests and have fans do crazy things to meet us. I've heard of kids stripping and running through malls naked or eating jars of mayonnaise, that kind of sick stuff.

korndog: David, do you ever go on the KoRn site and chat with the fans? David Silveria: Yes, I do! Usually, a couple of nights a week, my wife and I get on the KoRn Board, usually under the name Davidshannon or mrspickey, and chat. Usually people don't believe it's us when I am on with my wife, but it really is us. So when you see Davidshannon, it's really us. Or mrspickey.

korndog: David, how did you get hooked up with Calvin Klein? What does your wife think of the ads?
David Silveria: I have a friend that works for Calvin Klein, and they asked me if I would like to do an ad. I am working on doing some movies, and doing the ads was a good way to get the attention from the movie industry. That's why I did it. And I guess my wife likes it.

MAGGOT: Who's your fave drummer other than your self?
David Silveria: Steve, who plays in Filter.

RawRaw: Who in the band uses a computer the most?
David Silveria: Probably Munky, but I'm not sure.

michele: What is your favorite song on "Follow the Leader" and "Issues"? Explain, please.
David Silveria: My favorite song on "Follow The Leader" is "Got The Life." And my favorite song on "Issues" is "Beg For Me." The songs just grew on me; I can't really tell you exactly why I like them the best.

slipknotica69: What is your position on MP3's and bootlegs?
David Silveria: I think they are a rip-off to bands. It's not very cool to bands to steal their music. So I wish they would go away.

kornstar-5: How do you describe yourself as being personality-wise?
David Silveria: I would say I'm pretty calm and relaxed. But I like to party!

KoRndogg_13: So, David, what happened with your wrist?
David Silveria: I hurt it from playing so many years. Doctors think it is a nerve problem. I'm still getting opinions. And currently using acupuncture. And I'm doing everything I can to fix it.

gvergel: I noticed that you're somewhat into keeping yourself healthy. What do you do to keep in shape while you're on the road? Do you watch your diet and make sure to exercise, or do you lay off the beer?
David Silveria: I don't drink much beer on the road. I do try to eat healthy. And I do exercise. There's not much to do on the road, so if I don't exercise, I feel tired all of the time.

bittersweet: What are your top 10 CD's ever?
David Silveria: Off of the top of my head, I will throw out a few, in no particular order. KoRn - "Follow The Leader", Limp Bizkit - "Significant Other", Doors - "Greatest Hits", Filter - "Short Bus", Helmet - "Meantime", Orgy - "Candyass".

KoRndogg_13: When did you get your first big break?
David Silveria: 1994. That is when we got our record deal.

Korn_ee: David, is it weird to you to not be touring with your band?
David Silveria: Yes, it's very weird. I feel like I'm in the wrong place.

pfhorslayer: My mom is a die-hard Christian, and she won't let me listen to KoRn. What should I do?
David Silveria: Maybe talk to her and explain that we do not support any negative topics, but rather, speak out against them, and hopefully she will change her mind. Good luck!

KlownKorn69: Which bands inspired y'all to play as a band together, and what bands did y'all like when you were my age (15)?
David Silveria: I think everyone in the band grew up liking music. I don't think any one band inspired us to put the band together. When I was 15, I listened to Van Halen, Motley Crue, and some normal radio.

juan21: Who has the coolest tattoo in the band?
David Silveria: That depends who you ask. Of course, I would say me. It's a Cheshire cat.

ChildoftheKoRn: Is there any one fan that has stood out above the rest at your shows or video shoots?
David Silveria: There has been so many really cool fans we've met, I can't really single out just one.

KoRn_babe: Who do you consider the best singer, besides Jonathan?
David Silveria: There are many great singers. Some of my favorites are Jay from Orgy, Richie from Filter, Fred from Bizkit, and that's it. :-)

StraightOutThePit: What was your favorite video to make?
David Silveria: "Got The Life." It was fun driving cars and being outside all day. Most videos, we are in a soundstage for hours and it's boring.

Jane_D: Do you go to fans' websites?
David Silveria: Sometimes I do. This is a good time to thank all of the kids who signed the 'get well' card for me. There is something around 600 hits, and I really appreciate the thought. So, thank you to all the fans who are on the 'get well' card, and all of the fans who sent nice messages to the KoRn Board. I really do appreciate it. And all the little girls who have their David Silveria websites, thank you also. :-)

DaveisGod: What is your favorite fast food joint?
David Silveria: In And Out Burger.

benskorn: What movies can we be looking forward to seeing you in soon?
David Silveria: I can't really say yet.

MistressBate: Are there any new bands out there that you particularly like?
David Silveria: I really haven't heard any new bands lately, so I cannot say.

SilveriaFan: If you had one last meal in the world what would it be?
David Silveria: My grandmother's teriyaki chicken!

daisy: How did you meet your wife?
David Silveria: We met at a bar down by the beach from mutual friends.

KoRnFrEaK62: Do you know any foreign languages?
David Silveria: I do not.

trb2099: What song were you performing when the wrist injury occurred?
David Silveria: My wrist injury has been ongoing for the past year. It didn't just happen in one song. The last song we played, if I remember right, is called "It's Gonna Go Away." And that's when we stopped the show.

FlamingDil_88: What is the hardest KoRn song for you to play?
David Silveria: The hardest song to play is "Faget." Lots of chops, and I overplay it in the studio, so now I have to keep-up wise, but it's all good.

SweerKoRn: David, what do your parents think of your band? Do they have any of your CD's?
David Silveria: My parents have all of our CD's. And they are very proud that I followed my dream and achieved it. We are definitely not their music of choice, but they are happy for me.

ShanePatrick: What goes through your head on stage?
David Silveria: Lots of excitement. Tons of energy. And still an amazement that this many people come to see our live shows.

Mayo: Who would you say is the most outgoing person in KoRn?
David Silveria: Depends on what kind of outgoing you are talking about. Everyone is really outgoing. Just in different ways.

DiViNexKoRnStaR1: What kind of things to you guys do to have fun while you're not on tour?
David Silveria: Well, me personally, I hang out down on the beach and get drunk with my friends, drive my boat, drive my dune buggy, go to Las Vegas and gamble, that sort of stuff.

live4korn16643: What did your dad do for a living?
David Silveria: He was a fireman for 27 years.

KhaN: What is your favorite TV show?
David Silveria: I don't really watch TV. When I turn it on, I just watch whatever is on. Which isn't that often.

Limpchikk: What does KoRn do backstage to prepare for a show?
David Silveria: Lots of stretching. Mental preparation.

littlemasochist: If you had to pick three songs to represent KoRn to someone who has never heard them before, which ones would you choose?
David Silveria: "Blind," "Freak On A Leash," "Falling Away From Me." I just like them. :-)

Sean: I've noticed that, so far, your music videos have been featuring the "Issues" covers. Are you going to make your next two videos based on the next two?
David Silveria: No, our next video is a lot different than our past few videos. I think KoRn fans will be happy with it. We shoot it next week!

psyk: Who was the founder member of L.A.P.D.?
David Silveria: Me, Munky, and Fieldy all started the band together.

wacked: What made the band want to put a little fish-thing inside you in "Make Me Bad"?
David Silveria: The director thought it would be a cool special effect, and we wanted to make a video that was different from our other videos, so we were open to new things.

PuNkEr: How many bass drums and cymbals do you have in your main set?
David Silveria: One bass drum - I play a double pedal - and about ten cymbals.

Rainy: Do you prefer people to call you David or Dave? Do you have a nickname?
David Silveria: I like David. I've never really liked Dave.

lostandkornfused: Don't you sometimes get sick of being famous and having your life in the public eye?
David Silveria: Sometimes, if I'm out in public and I am in a hurry and someone or people try to stop me, it gets a little annoying, but overall this life is a dream. And I really have nothing to omplain about and I'm very thankful to have it.

Metallica-FREAK: Is it true that you and the other members of KoRn are all self-taught on your instruments?
David Silveria: Yes, it is. That's probably why we all suck!

kornkid763: Do you and your wife listen to KoRn every day? Does she mind the swearing?
David Silveria: No, I don't listen to it every day. My son, little David, likes to listen to it all of the time, unfortunately - now I have to get an edited version because he's three years old and cusses. And even though I support my band, I am also a parent and I have a responsibility to my children.

NailBed: Are you a Democrat or Republican or Reform Party member?
David Silveria: I would say a Republican because I hate taxes being so high.

Mandy: Can you describe every KoRn member, including yourself, in one or two words?
David Silveria: Sure. All of us would be lucky. All of us would be crazy. And all of us are thankful.

luvkorn2: Are you into any sports?
David Silveria: No, I'm not really into sports. I have a dune buggy and a boat, and I work out. That's about it.

nevera0: If KoRn was to end, what would be the last song you'd like to play with all the guys?
David Silveria: I don't think it would really matter. We would have so many memories at that point it wouldn't matter what song we played last.

ebkorn: David, what's the truth in the Korn/Knot feud?
David Silveria: There is no truth. I've never heard that band in my life. Obviously, it got some kind of jealousy thing going on and they need to get over it - get their own fans and quit worrying about other bands and do their own thing.

lil_smooth: Do you have any plans for a solo project?
David Silveria: No.

AndyWHS: I'm a serious drummer, and I'd like to know what techniques or types of practices and warm-ups that you use and that work the best to get in shape for drumming. (Like drum patterns, counting techniques, practicing, and body work-out for arms and legs.)
David Silveria: I'd say the best technique to learn would just be practice. Find what feels natural. Practice that, maybe get some instructions on basic rudiments, and set your mind to it.

lizzy: Do you have any brothers or sisters?
David Silveria: I do. I have a younger brother named Andy, and three older sisters, named Darla, Kelly, and Tracy.

hukdonphonix: What's the most annoying or rude thing a fan has ever done when meeting you guys?
David Silveria: When they approach us and they act like we are there just for their amusement and we are not people; they think they should do whatever they want us to do, without realizing we are just like them and we have feelings, too.

LadyDeathHouse: I heard some time ago that the band will do a biography. I would like to know if it's true - and if it is, when will it be released?
David Silveria: There is an unauthorized book out now (that we did not put out, obviously). We will be working on something; I'm not sure when it will come out. But we will make something in the near future.

KoRnChiLD: How does it feel to know that there are people like me who would pay thousands to get your autograph?
David Silveria: It is very flattering. But I would hope that no one would pay thousands to get an autograph, because we are just people, like everyone else, and a signature is not worth that kind of money.

Demonic_Iguana: Who wrote "Jesus" by Videodrone? I think you and some other KoRn members did, but I'm not sure?
David Silveria: Yes, "Jesus" is a cover song that we did when we were in L.A.P.D.

Korn-2: What was your most embarrassing moment?
David Silveria: A long time ago, back in '95, we were playing this small club somewhere in the east coast on a college campus, and I was so drunk I messed up in the middle of a song and the whole band stopped. And about 200 people were watching. We all stopped and the club was silent. And on the microphone they said, "Ooops, David messed up!"

KoRn_babe: What is the weirdest thing you had to sign?
David Silveria: I think the weirdest thing I ever had to sign is the guy with the raccoon head.

nondairycrmr: David, I've seen pics with you using Easton aluminum sticks and wooden ones. Which do you prefer?
David Silveria: I now use wood sticks, made by Vater, and I have a custom stick out in stores. That stick is called "The Nightstick."

Ricky: Have you always played with the Paiste-Tama combination?
David Silveria: Yes. They have always been my favorite drums and cymbals.

purplemagic: As much as I would like KoRn to be around forever, that's realistically not going to happen. What are your goals for after KoRn? What would be your following projects for whenever that time comes? David Silveria: After KoRn, I would like to make movies. Hopefully, that won't be too soon, but life's short.

ARTISTdirect: David, we're quickly reaching the end of our chat with you. Thanks for being here! What thoughts would you leave with the audience?
David Silveria: I would like to say thank you to all of our fans who came online to chat with me today. Thank you for all of the continued support throughout the years. Thank you for all the support the fans have shown to me while I have been injured. I am sorry if I let any fans down by not being able to perform. I can't wait to get back onstage again. And, when you see me on the KoRn Board, under mrspickey or Davidshannon, it's really us. So talk to me, and I look forward to talking online with our fans again. Hopefully, we can do this again in the near future. KoRn fans are the best, and I love you guys!