Maverick Marathon 4-23-00, Saturday morning started at 6am EST

#1 - War Of The Silver Kings  Bret Maverick takes down a money-hungry gambler in the town of Echo Springs. He befriends an old drunk, who turns out to be a successful judge. Maverick strikes a deal with the gambler, Phineas King, to merge the "silver lady" mine with "the new hope" mine.  
#2 - Hostage  Bret Maverick and his brother, Bart Maverick (Jack Kelly) find opportunity in New Orleans. They plan to take a ride on the River Princess, owned by Henri Devereaux, a rich, creole business man. Unfortunately for the Maverick brothers, Devereaux dislikes Americans and doesn't want them on his River Princess. However, when Henri Devereaux daughter, Yvette, is kidnapped by her boyfriend, the Maverick brothers rescue her for a small fee. Mr. Devereaux pays the Maverick brothers and invite them to join others on the River Princess cruise.  
#3 - Burial Ground Of The Gods  Bart Maverick is in search of a theif that stole his money. However, he is side tracked by a young woman (Nancy Gates) who is in search of her presumably dead husband. All goes well until a tribe of Sioux Indians hold Bart and company against their will.  
#4 - High Card Hangs  Bart Maverick and two of his friends are charged with murder. The town's citizens demand a confession from one of the three men, or else all three men will be prosecuted. Bart falsely confesses to the murder, but help from his friend Dandy Jim Buckley exonerates him from the crime.  
#5 - Gun-Shy  Bret Maverick is on a treasure-hunt for a half-million dollars. The only person who knows where the money is hidden, happens to be a dead man. Is a race between Maverick and several towns people of Ellwood, Kansas, to find the missing fortune. The towns people don't trust Maverick and watch his every move.  
#6 - The Spanish Dancer  Bart Maverick and his gambling buddy, Jack Darby (Richard Long) fight over a beautiful, Spanish countessa, Elena Grande. Another man joins the two Elena Grande admirers, John Wilson. The three men being quarreling over the disenchanted woman, who has an alternative motive. Jack Darby disappears and Maverick is accused of his murder.   
#7 - Duel at Sundown  Bret Maverick finds himself caught in a deadly love triangle with a lovely woman (Abby Dalton) and a young gunman (Clint Eastwood).   
#8 - Two Tickets To Ten Strike  Bret Maverick suspicions are aroused when he is forced to leave Ten Strike, New Mexico. Determined to stand his ground, Maverick stays in Ten Strike long enough to uncover a bizarre plot of murder and blackmail. Two gunmen, Vic Nolan (Adam West) and Eddie Burke (William Gordon), try to scare Maverick out of town.  
#9 - Pappy  Beau Maverick (played by James Garner), father of Bret and Bart announces that he is getting married. The Maverick boys discover that the marriage is a business arrangement, not a love commitment. The young girl, Josephine St. Cloud is being forced by her father to marry the older Beau Maverick. The brothers set out to sabortage the wedding plans, not knowing that Beau Maverick already had a plan.  
#10 - The Cats of Paradise  Bret Maverick falls for a soft-spoken girl, Modesty Blaine (Mona Freeman). Rumor has it that most men lose either their lives or their money when dealing with this young beauty. However, Bret stands to lose both his life and his money, so he plots to save both.   
#11 - Full House  Bret Maverick runs into a notorious bunch of bank robbers; Cole Younger, Billy The Kid, Sam Bass, Jesse James, Frank James, Jim Dalton, Black Bart, Ben Thompson and Belle Starr. The outlaws believe that Bret is the infamous Foxy Smith, a well known bad guy. When the outlaws discover Bret's true identity, they force him to do the robbery in Denver. Bret ends up in a mint of trouble.  
#12 - A Fellow's Brother  When George Henry Arnett hears that Bret Maverick is in town to collect his money, Arnett (Adam West) starts a "top gun" rumor about Bret. After he creates a smoke screen, Arnett creeps out of town. Maverick is idolized by the town youngsters, sought after available women and hunted by the town bounty hunter. Bret Maverick is the talk of the town.  
#13 - The Marquesa  Bart Maverick wins big, when he wins the "Lucky Lady" saloon in a card game. When Bart goes to Santa Leora to stake his claim, a beautiful Marquesa refuses to relinquish the property to him. Maverick encounters hurling knives, flurry of bullets and pounding fists when he tries to hold onto his newly acquired saloon.  
#14 - The People's Friend  Bart Maverick is running for office, he is a sure candidate for U.S. Senate. Bart's political ambition has some town's people out for his blood. His opponents will go to any length to stifle his political aspirations; they threathen his life. Fearful of his opponents, Bart finds a way out of the election, without letting the voters down.  
#15 - Arizona Black Maria  Bart Maverick gets tangled up with a wagon-load of prisoners. When the officer, Captain Jim Pattishall (Alan Hale) is wounded during an Indian attack, the prisoners take over the wagon and escape. The female prisoner coaxes Bart into releasing her from her chains; she in turn frees the other male prisoners. The prisoners believe that Bart will inform authorities of their escape, so they plot to kill him. Bart has to fight off the beautiful prisoner, the murderous male prisoners and the Red Feather, the scalp hunter.  
#16 - Hadley's Hunters  Bart Maverick is accused of robbery when he visits the town of Hadley. The town sheriff, by the name of Sheriff Hadley fingers Bart for a recent robbery and prison break. Bart realizes that he must find the escaped prisoner before the sheriff's lawmen find him, that's his only hope for being exonerated of his accused crimes.   
#17 - The Bundle From Britain  Bart Maverick and his cousin Beau (Roger Moore) get hoodwinked by an English con man, Freddie Bognor (Robert Casper). Freddie convinces Bart and Beau to switch identities at the Bar-H Ranch where young men are sent to learn the outdoor life. Freddie offers the cousins four thousand dollars to go along with the scam. When the Marquis of Bongor arrives, all hell breaks loose.   
#18 - The Town That Wasn't There  Beau Maverick (Roger Moore) wins a silver mine in a card game. However, the mine lies in a town that is up for sale to a wealthy bidder, Wilbur Shanks (Richard Hale). When the town puts up a fight against the sale, Beau hurriedly makes a deal with sheep herder Joe Lambert (John Astin of the Addams Family) to purchase Lambert's Well.   
#19 - Thunder From The North  Beau Maverick (Roger Moore) is accused of murdering a young Indian brave. He now has a price on his head and everyone is hoping to catch him first. Unfortunately, the brave's tribe finds Beau first and plan to avenge the young brave's life. Luckily, Chief Standing Bull's daughter, Pale Moon, has fallen in love with Beau. The two agree to marry, until Beau learns that it's tribal tradition to burn your husband at the stake after the wedding night.  
#20 - The Cactus Switch  Bart Maverick helps a young woman, Lana Cane (Fay Spain), sell her most prized possession. However he ends up in jail and depends on a strangers help to get him out of trouble.  
#21 - Last Stop Oblivion  Bart Maverick catches a murderous couple, red handed. Nero Lyme (Buddy Ebsen) and his wife Verna (Virginia Christine) lure wealthy travelers into their stagecoach stopover and kill them for money. Bart discovers the couple's bizarre scheme and warns the other travelers.  
#22 - Red Dog  Beau Maverick (Roger Moore) is adopted by a crew of bad guys against his will. When Beau tries to disassociate himself from the motley crew, they threaten his life. Beau finds himself avoiding Buckskin (Mike Road), the Judge (John Carradine), Wolf (Lee Van Cleef), Kid (Evan McCord) and his wife Erma (Sherry Jackson).  
#23 - The Deadly Image  Bart Maverick (Jack Kelly) is mistaken for outlaw Rod Claxton when he and one of Claxton's thugs are arrested by local lawmen. The only people who know of the identity mix-up are Claxton's fiancee, Caprise (Dawn Wells), her grandfather, Papa Rambeau (Abraham Sofaer) and of course the real outlaw Rod Claxton.  
#24 - The Forbidden City  Brent Maverick (Robert Colbert) joins his brother Bart Maverick in this episode. Brent is thrown into jail when dealing with two soft cookies, Joanne Moss (Nina Shipman) and Andalucia Rubio (Lisa Montell). Brent is punished for openly gambling in the utopia town of Sunburst. However, while serving time in the local jail, Brent discovers the town's sinful secret. Mayor Moss and other wealthy town's men are committing unthinkable crimes.  
#25 - Three Queens Full  Bart Maverick is hired as a bodyguard for Joe Wheelwright's (Jim Backus) three daughters. Bart finds out the importance of protecting the three brides to be, means prolonging his own life.  
#26 - The Golden Fleecing  Bart Maverick (Jack Kelly) takes his chances with the stock market. Bart gives up poker for a minute to invest in the stock market with the help of his farmer friend, Henry Albright (John Qualen). However, Bart has to protect the farmer's interest from the greedy hands of Loftus Jaggers and his daughter, Adele Jaggers.  
#27 - The Art Lovers  Bart Maverick (Jack Kelly) becomes a railroad servant to pay off his poker debts. He is indebted to Paul Sutton (James Westerfield) and must serve Mr. Sutton's daughter, Anne. Bart finds a way to quickly pay off his debt and he settles the railroad's financial troubles.  
#28 - Mr. Muldoon's Partner  Bart Maverick (Jack Kelly) doesn't have the luck of the Irish. Bart is granted three wishes by Mr. Muldoon, a leprechaun. Bart gets exactly what he wishes for and a little more. The money Bart wished for turns out to be stolen funds and now his life hangs in the balances. Bart learns that you have to be careful of what you wish for, because you just might get it.  
#29 - Epitaph For A Gambler  Bart Maverick (Jack Kelly) is getting married? Bart is contemplating marriage to Miss Linda Storey (Joyce Meadows). However, he realizes that the price of marriage, may be death.   
#30 - The Money Machine  Bart Maverick (Jack Kelly) comes to his neice's rescue, when she is hoodwinked by a local conman. Jacqueline Sutton (Kathy Bennett) buys a "money-making" machine for ten thousand dollars, from conman, Big Ed Murphy. She turns to her uncle Bart to get her out of this mess and he does just that. Bart cons the conman and teaches his neice a lesson.  

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