"SNAFU" (90 minute pilot) Three soldiers return home from World War II and each is faced with his own set of problems. Two brothers in love with the same girl; race discrimination; gender discrimination in the work force; family betrayal; and a soldier's death.
#1 - Take My Hand: Mike Sloan, the soldier killed in an accident on his way home, is laid to rest. However, the town is restless with race discrimination and love triangles brewing in the atmosphere. The Sloans reject their son's last wishes and refuse to let Gloria Davis (a black woman) sing at their son's funeral. Gina (the Italian wife) confronts Linda Metcalf (Mike Sloan's hometown girlfriend).
#2 - Bedsprings: The Sloans learn that Gina (deceased son's wife) is pregnant. They offer her money to leave town. Gina takes the money but doesn't leave town, instead the community opens its doors to her. Gloria and Abe Davis (black family) get in trouble with the law for letting Gina (a white woman) stay at their home. However, Mike Sloan comes to their defense and clears the tension. Finally Gina accepts the invitation to live with the Hailey family in their small apartment. It's poetry in motion, when Jeff Metcalf sends an anonymous poem to Sarah Brewer (Hank Metcalf's sweetheart). Instead, Hank finds the poem and decides to profess his undying love for Sarah, who in turn loses her virginity to Hank Metcalf.
#3 - So All Alone: The Davises are fired for helping Gina (Italian woman), when the Sloans instructed them to do otherwise. The Haileys experience family growing pains, when the truth about Caroline's birth control practices is brought out into the open. Caroline and Charlie discuss the matter and decide that planned parenthood is best. However, wedding plans are moving right along for Hank Metcalf and Sarah Brewer. Jeff Metcalf and Ginger Szabo, both caught in love triangles, decide to lose their virginity to one another the night of the wedding.
#4 - Patriots: Jeff Metcalf and Ginger Szabo go out on their first date and make their new friendship public knowledge. Having a change of heart, Mike Sloan Sr., in collaboration with Abe Davis, tries to right his wrongs with his son's wife. However, Gina is skeptical of his intentions and rejects his generosity. Abe Davis, plotting to get his job back at the Sloans, does everything he can to facilitate the reunion between Mike Sloan Sr. and Gina. Mike Sloan Sr. in fear of his employees joining up with the union, offers Linda Metcalf her job back at the plant, after she was fired for attending her brother's wedding. Too late, Linda meets Al Kahn, the union organizer at the plant.
#5 - Holier Than Thou: The Union has everyone in the community at odds. Linda Metcalf, a union organizer, pleads with her brother, Hank Metcalf not to join upper management at the plant. Charlie Hailey joins the union, in spite of Sam's warning him against doing so. Robert Davis (black plant worker) decides to join the union, after being assaulted on the job by two co-workers. Robert and his father, Abe Davis, exchange harsh words when Roberts discloses his plans to join the union. Anne Metcalf confronts Al Kahn about holding union meetings in her home and putting her family in jeopardy.
#6 - Toledo: Love triangles have everyone in town bent out of shape. Ginger Szabo admits to Charlie Hailey, her ex-fiance, that she may be pregnant with Jeff Metcalf's baby. Charlie, in a jealous rage, tries to assault Jeff Metcalf and discloses Ginger's dilemma. Caroline learns of her husband's inappropriate jealousy regarding Ginger's situation and confronts him about it. Not satisfied with Charlie's explanation, Caroline decides to have a one night stand with Ben, a traveling salesman. Ben convinces her to leave town with him and travel the country; Caroline soon learns that he intends to use her along the way. Ginger and Jeff, head to Toledo for a pregnancy test, that turns out to be negative. Yet, Jeff tells Ginger that he loves her and wants to marry her, whether she is pregnant or not. Ginger declines his offer. Caroline makes her way back home and rekindles with Charlie.
#7 - Kids: Charlie and Caroline Hailey continue to have problems with the decision to have children. Out of frustration, Charlie visits Ginger Szabo (ex-fiance) and admits that he married the wrong woman. However, Ginger decides to continue her relationship with Jeff Metcalf, despite Charlie's confession. Under false pretenses, Caroline agrees to have children with Charlie, in an effort to ensure her American citizenship within the next two years. Gina Sloan (Italian woman) finds a place of her own. She isn't aware that Mike Sloan Sr. is responsible for her good fortune. Hank Metcalf and his sister Linda Metcalf, although on opposing sides, are making positive changes at the plant.
#8 - Man, This Joint Is Jumping: Everyone is jumping at the chance to win a local dance contest, hosted by Allan Carmichael, a popular disc jockey. Contestants number one - Ginger Szabo & Jeff Metcalf, contestants number two - Caroline and Charlie Hailey, contestants number three - Mike and Ruth Sloan, contestants number four - Hank and Sarah Metcalf, contestants number five - Al Kahn and Anne Metcalf...and let's get ready to mumbo! The Hailey's place third, due to some erroneous dance steps; the Sloans come in second place, with their surprisingly, good dance routine; and Ginger Szabo and Jeff Metcalf win the contest and are given the chance to go to Hollywood.
#9 - Splitting Hairs: The Sloans threaten to hire black workers to replace the white workers, if the white workers join the union. Unfortunate for the Sloans, the newly hired black workers are also joining the union and all workers are beginning to see the big picture. The union meetings are still taking place at the Metcalf home, but Anne Metcalf pleads with Al Kahn to stop holding meetings at her home. Anne Metcalf is secretly in love with union organization, Al Kahn. Hank Metcalf confronts Mike Sloan Sr. about making the union issue into a racial issue. Robert Davis (black worker) and Charlie Hailey (white worker) are reluctant to work together, until they find a common bond, fighting in the war. Ginger Szabo and Jeff Metcalf are heading to Hollywood to make their dreams come true.
#10 - Szabo's Travels: Jeff Metcalf and Ginger Szabo make it to Hollywood, but don't make the cut with the movie auditions. Ginger scraps up her last dollar and decides to stay in Hollywood, sending Jeff back to Ohio, alone. Although her priest discourages dating a Jew, Anne Metcalf chooses to date Al Kahn, the Jewish union organizer. Looking forward to an easier way of life, the Davises purchase a business of their own. Unfortunately, Abe's mother has to live with them until they can afford to pay for her surgery.
#11 - Sinners Reconciled: Ginger Szabo tells Jeff Metcalf that she plans to remain in Hollywood. Jeff announces to is family that he is going to Hollywood to bring Ginger back home. Gina (Italian woman) gives birth to the long awaited Sloan baby and Charlie Hailey helps deliver the baby at home. It's later found out that the baby is in need of an expensive operation and the Sloans come through with the money. Anne Metcalf realizes that she has judged Al Kahn too harshly and decides to make amends by bringing him Christmas cookies.
#12 - All These Things Will I Give Thee: The plant workers put up a fuss when they discover that Mike Sloan Sr. gave his wife an expensive fur coat. Linda Metcalf continues union recruitment, but is side tracked when the Sloans offer her a management position, which they eventually reign on. Ruth Sloan accepts Gina Sloan (Italian daughter-in-law) and her new baby into the Sloan home. Charlie and Caroline Hailey stop by to visit Gina and the baby, at the Sloan house. Mike Sloan Sr. makes it clear to Caroline that he is grateful for the Hailey's assistance in the past and is willing to repay them however he can.
#13 - When It Rains, It Pours: Bill Caswell, an army buddy of Mike Sloan Jr. swings into town, unknowing of Mike Jr.'s death. When he finds out the truth, Bill heads to the local bar and gets drunk. The Metcalfs find Bill at the bar and bring him to the Metcalf home to sober up. He begins to tell war stories and share the many accolades he heard about Linda via Mike Sloan Jr. Grandma Davis has gall bladder surgery and the family misplaces her glassed gall bladder...the search is on. Anne Metcalf and Al Kahn go out dancing and end up making love in the car. Jeff Metcalf gets news to report to training camp in Florida; he tells Ginger the good news, but she isn't happy.
#14 - That's The Way The Cookie Crumbles: Jeff is off to spring training in Florida and the Metcalfs are throwing him a farewell party. The only present Jeff wants before leaving town, is to have sex with his girlfriend Ginger, who continues to refuse his efforts. However, Anne Metcalf is getting hot and heavy with Al Kahn for the second time. Meanwhile, the Davises face more discrimination as they are refused a loan to start their new business. They are begin working second jobs to acquire the needed money; even though their son Robert offered his Veteran loan to them.
#15 - Bad Connection: Jeff is upset when he strikes out on his first day of baseball training camp. His fiancee, Ginger, has no knowledge of the game so he turns to Judy, an attractive owner of a local bar, who provides him with the encouragment that he needs. However, she also makes sexual advances toward him. Meanwhile, Ginger's boss shows a romantic interest in her.
#16 - Getting To First Base: Jeff Metcalf makes final cut at spring training. Ginger catches Jeff red handed with the new woman in Florida, Judy Owen. The union workers are planning a strike, but they haven't worked out the final details. However, Caroline Hailey, hired as the company spy, alerts the Sloans of the union's plan. The union hire a spy of its own, Jonas, the plant's janitor. He informs the union of the Sloans illegal activities and the union sets up a trap. The trap back fires on Charlie Hailey and others, because Caroline Hailey once again informs the Sloans.
#17 - No Man Loyal and Neutral: Ginger Szabo and Jeff Metcalf make up with the help of Judy Owen, who recognizes the couple's true love. The Sloans devise a plan to implicate Linda Metcalf as the Sloan spy. Linda is questioned by the union leaders, but is quickly exonerated when Gina Sloan defends Linda at a union meeting. Besides the Sloans, Gina is the only person who knows that Caroline Hailey is the Sloan spy. Bullets ring out at the Metcalf home!
#18 - First Sign Of Spring: Sarah Brewer-Metcalf is wounded by the unnamed bullet and later dies in the hospital. Jeff Metcalf comes home to sit by Sarah's (old love interest) bedside. The Sloans beg Gina and the baby to move back into the Sloan house, where it is safe from union violence, but she declines. Mike Sloan Sr. gives Hank Metcalf a raise and helps pay for his wife's funeral services. Anne and her children plant forsythia blooms for the funeral, but they didn't bloom until after the funeral. Anne (Mother Metcalf) announces the many blessings of God and at the same time announces her pregnancy!
#19 - At Your Age: Anne Metcalf announced her pregnancy in the last episode. Everyone is excited about the news, except her eldest son, Hank Metcalf. Hank blames Al Kahn (the unborn child's father) for starting the union violence that resulted in his wife's death. Anne confronts Hank and tells him that his deceased father wasn't that great of a man. It's up to Hank to reconcile with his family or not. Anne reconsiders Al's marriage proposal and begins taking marriage counseling, along with her son Jeff and his wife Ginger Szabo. Grandma Davis is busy setting her grandson, Robert Davis up with a suitable young woman, Mary Louise (Lela Rochon). Surprisingly, Robert reveals that he is in love with a French woman that he intends to bring to the US soon.
#20 "Obstinancy Or Constancy?" The plant reopens and it's business as usual, until Charlie Hailey encourages his fellow workers to gain respect on the job. Caroline Hailey tells Charlie that she is pregnant, in hopes that he will not go along with the strike. Al Kahn leads the union members to believe that there is strike money available to them, once the truth is learned the workers decide against the strike. Al Kahn agrees to raise he and Anne's child Catholic, oppose to Jewish. Judy Owen moves into town and Jeff Metcalf tries to keep it a secret from Ginger, who eventually finds out. Ginger invites Judy to dinner to become better acquainted.
#21 "If You Want It Done Right..." The union strikes across Ohio. Charlie Hailey starts a strike in the Sloan factory. The only person able to ease the tension between the workers and management is Gina Sloan. Gina pretends to take her baby daughter (Sloan's granddaughter) into the plant to protest the strike violence. Both sides decide to listen to Gina's request and they leave peacefully. Abe Davis goes to the plant to see his son Robert Davis and he brings pockets full of food for the striking workers.
#22 - Spanish Moss: Anne Metcalf and Al Kahn are planning to marry immediately due to the pregnancy. Hank Metcalf tells his mother that he will not attend her wedding and that he is moving out of the Metcalf home. Although Jeff Metcalf tries to persuade Ginger to get married soon too, she wants to wait and do it right. Charlie Hailey and Gina Sloan are becoming closer with every experience they share; the latest being that Caroline confesses to not being pregnant. The Davises continue to struggle with their business plans; they are denied another loan from the Sloans. However, the Sloans offer the Davises some expensive china pieces, but Gloria Davis is too proud and refuses their offer. Only to discover that Grandma Davis took the china and it is worth a great deal of money.
#23 - Songs Unsung Are The Sweetest: Charlie Hailey finds out that his wife, Caroline, is the Sloan spy causing all the confusion. Charlie confides in Gina Sloan, that he can no longer trust his wife and decides to move out of the house. He later hooks up with Judy Owen, the bartender, but is interrupted by Gina Sloan. Hank Metcalf decides to attend his mother, Anne Metcalf's wedding to Al Kahn. Al's father doesn't approve a non-Jewish wife, but Al lies to Anne and tells her the opposite. Robert Davis announces that he is going back to France to marry the (white) woman he fell in love with and bring her back to the US. Finally, the Davises have enough money to open their business, a local restaurant. Ginger Szabo and Jeff Metcalf get locked in the church basement.
#24 - By Popular Demand: Charlie Hailey separates from his wife, Caroline. However, his wife refuses to divorce him and instead tries to coax her way back into his life. Charlie declares his true feelings for Gina Sloan, a close friend to he and his wife Caroline. Abe and Gloria Davis open up shop and secretly work the restaurant on the weekends. The Sloans are suspicious of the Davises whereabouts on the weekends and begin to investigate. A magazine photographer comes to town and takes some wonderful pictures of Linda Metcalf, Ginger wasn't as lucky. Jeff Metcalf is battling for the spot light, as he and teammate, Bernie Pfarpfenbarger strive to be center of attention on the playing field. Bernie is determined to sabotage Jeff Metcalf's popularity.
#25 - The Lemo Tomato Juice Hour: Ginger Szabo gets her big break as the "Lemo Tomato Juice Girl", who subsequently can't get married to Jeff Metcalf, if she wants to keep her showbiz job. Robert Davis brings his new French wife back to the US and the town is talking. Linda Metcalf continues her community activism, by writing a column for a local newspaper. Anne Metcalf-Kahn plans to introduce Gina Sloan to an available Jewish bachelor, which makes Charlie Hailey secretly jealous. Charlie is falling in love with Gina and her baby.
#26 - Can't Say No: Caroline Hailey is spreading rumors about her husband, Charlie having an affair with Linda Metcalf. When word gets to Charlie, he threatens Caroline with exposing her spy secret. Gina Sloan admits to Linda that she is Charlie's secret love interest, Linda promises to keep their secret. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Davis (black and white newlyweds) aren't welcomed in town. The newlyweds are subjected to cruel behavior from several people in town. Ginger Szabo is torn between marrying Jeff Metcalf and pursuing her showbiz career.
#27 - Appleknocker To Wed Tomatohawker: Ginger Szabo and Jeff Metcalf attempt to secretly get married, but their priest refuses to wed them. So, the couple decides to postpone their wedding for another three months. Ginger is center stage, when she becomes the prize for a local contest; all the men in town are vying to be in her company, this is making Jeff very jealous. Robert Davis and his wife decide to move away, when the family starts receiving threats. Mike Sloan Sr. and Judy Owen begin meeting regularly at the baseball games, something is brewing between the two baseball fans.
#28 - A Nickel Plate Romance: Jeff Metcalf denounces his plans to marry Ginger Szabo. She immediately begins dating one of Jeff's teammates. Out of jealousy, Jeff flirts with Caroline Hailey and kisses her before the night is over. Ginger finds evidence that Jeff and Caroline have taken their flirtation to another level, she is crushed. Meanwhile, Caroline witnesses, Charlie and Gina kissing at the movies and decides not to divorce Charlie, but to blackmail him instead. Al Kahn takes on a second job, bar tending down at the local bar, where he eases the tension between the lovers quarrels.
#29 - When The Stars Begin To Fall: Jeff Metcalf and Judy Owen finally go out on a date that ends in an argument over rebounding. Mike Sloan Sr. gives up pursuing an affair with Judy Owen, after he witnesses his wife delivering the Kahn baby. The Sloans and Kahns become better acquainted after giving birth and delivering the Kahn baby, while on vacation. Charlie Hailey moves back in with his wife, Caroline, but all they do is argue. Ironically, Caroline, Ginger and Jeff all meet up on the same train, each heading for a different destination. Caroline is heading to Reno to obtain a divorce from Charlie; Ginger is on a road tour, as the Tomato Juice Girl; and Jeff is traveling with an off-season baseball team. The Davises are blessed when a bus load of people come into their restaurant to eat dinner, which generates enough money to pay their bills.
#30 - The Traveling Lemo All-Stars: Jeff Metcalf and Ginger Szabo are batting zero when it comes to communication. Each has assumed the worst of innocent situations. Ginger thinks that Jeff is flirting with Caroline, when she sees them together again. Jeff believes that Ginger has slept with one of his teammates during the train ride, but it isn't true. The Sloans figure out that the Davises are the owners of Rupert's Restaurant and try dissuade them from keeping their business. The Davises stand up for themselves and instead of being fired from the Sloans, they are given a raise. Jeff thinks he is going to be kicked off the team, instead he is offered a position at the radio station, working with Ginger.
#31 - First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage: Jeff Metcalf is forced to take the radio job, along with Ginger, because due to injury he can no longer play baseball. He planned to sell his car, until he crashed into another car housing Ginger and Arthur Schillhab (baseball player). Ginger finds out that her career may be coming to end, as the new orange juice girl steals the spotlight. Charlie Hailey celebrates his divorce with Gina Sloan and they announce their marriage plans to the Sloans. Jeff tries to get intimate with Caroline Hailey, but can not bring himself to do it.
#32 - Life is Short: Anne is diagnosed with polio, causing the Roadhouse to close. Meanwhile, Mike begins to feel old as his birthday approaches and Abe worries about developing memory loss.
#33 - Signed Crazy In Love: Anne Metcalf-Kahn returns home from the hospital in a wheelchair. She is reluctant to ask her family for help around the house, until they confront her about her stubbornness. The Davises spend leisure time eating at restaurants around town and comparing the food to their own restaurant menu. Gloria Davis witnesses Mike Sloan Sr. and Judy Owen together and speculates what is going on between the two. Charlie Hailey has a new job as the Fuller Brush salesman. Ruth Sloan is out of town, giving Mike Sloan the opportunity to pick up where he left off with Judy Owen.
#34 - On The Rebound: The Sloans plan to break up Gina Sloan and Charlie Hailey back fires, as the new couple announces their plans to move to California. Al Kahn tries to figure out a way to pay for his wife's polio treatment. Jeff Metcalf and Caroline Hailey consummate their relationship, despite Charlie's warning to Jeff. Ginger Szabo gets fired from the radio station, but is rehired when Jeff refuses to continue the radio spots without her. Jeff wants to get back together with Ginger, but he learns that she has agreed to marry Arthur Schillhab (baseball player).
#35 - The Lacemakers: Grandma Davis moves back into the Davis home causing chaos and strife. Gina Sloan asks Grandma Davis for help in sewing lace for Ginger Szabo's wedding. Gina Sloan begins having flashbacks of when she was in a Nazi concentration camp. Abe and Gloria Davis console Gina, by acknowledging their shared pain of injustices. Charlie is worried about Gina and goes to see a doctor concerning Gina's condition.
#36 - Like Being There When You're Not: Ruth Sloan learns the truth about her husband Mike having an affair with Judy Owen. Ruth kicks Mike out of the house, although he begs to stay. Ginger is concerned that she may lose her radio job to television, so she gets involved with television production and lands her own cooking TV show. Jeff Metcalf gets rejected from baseball and radio at the same time. Judy begins writing a sports column for one of the bar patrons, news writer Barzizza, who doesn't give Judy the public recognition she deserves.
#37 - Who What When Where Why and How: Mike Sloan tries to reconcile with his estranged wife Ruth, but she refuses his advances. He tells Ruth that he is afraid of being implicated in a suspicious death of writer Nadolski. Judy Owen begins investigating the sudden death of her co-writer, Nadolski, she assumes Mike Sloan Sr. has something to do with his death. Linda Metcalf, begins writing for the newspaper to compete with Judy Owen, whom she envys. Linda starts dating the newspaper editor, Phil Havel; her brother Jeff doesn't like the fact that Linda is dating Phil.
#38 - Garfield Slept Here: The Sloans discover who is responsible for the Heritage Village blackmailing scandal; it is Caroline Hailey. The Sloans initially assume that Judy Owen is the blackmailer and Mike Sloan Sr. threatens her. Judy informs Jeff Metcalf of the Sloan threats and he in turn tells his sister, Linda about it. Linda finds out that the Sloans are involved with some misdealings surrounding the purchasing of Heritage Village. To deter the spotlight, the Sloans accuse Al Kahn of being a communist, thus turning the whole town against him.
#39 - By Word Or Act: Al Kahn is accused of being a communist and local media continues to heighten the allegations against him. The government becomes involved with the investigation and begin questioning everyone associated with Al Kahn and the Metcalf family. Jeff Metcalf is attacked by masked men, who assume that Jeff is part of a communist too. The Sloans disclose information regarding the purchasing of Heritage Village to news editor, Phil Havel. Charlie suggests an opportunity for Al to clear his name of the communist allegations. Al resigns from his position as the union leader.
#40 - Shabbat Shalom: Al Kahn searches for a job, but the allegations of him being a communist hinder him. He finally gets a job as a Fuller Brush salesman, like Charlie Hailey. Gina Sloan decides to raise her daughter in the Jewish faith and Charlie agrees to convert to Judaism, in order to marry her. The Davises start working at their restaurant full time, when they decide to quit working for the Sloans, who saw the Davises as mere possessions.
#41 - All Good Things: Charlie Hailey converts to Judaism for the sake of marrying Gina Sloan. Jeff Metcalf gets a second chance at playing baseball and a second chance with Ginger Szabo. Coach Zelnick (James Gammon) flirts with Caroline Hailey at the Roadhouse bar. Mike and Ruth Sloan reconcile their differences and announce their future plans at the Davises restaurant.
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