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Dad, Susan, Cindi, Tim and Mom

Memorial Day

Mike's great niece Heather

Mike working out for track

Glenda (cousin) and Mike

Sophmore photo

number 74 Mike

Basketball back row Mike

Jr. Varsity back row Mike

Track front row third from left Mike

The Champions

Basic Photo

William Anthony Evans

Mike downtown Quin Nhon

Jim Atwood and Mike in Quin Nhon

Parachute #1064

Quin Nhon visiting Jim

Mike playing cards with someone

Fred Winters and Jim Day are in this photo ,other two are known

CCS Group

CCS Group

John Costello 1983

Bo Dolph Mike's buddy

Cindi, Bo, Mom, and Tim

Bob James and Bo Dolph

Bo Dolph standing by Jim's 1937 Ford Coupe

brother Tim and Bo

Bo Dolph at high school memorial

This is a drawing I did of Mike and Bill