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This is an unofficial web page for the actress and Playboy Bunny, Maria Richwine. Maria came to the United States from Colombia and got her start working in the L.A. Playboy Club.

In 1978 Maria went on to co-star in the "Buddy Holly Story" with Gary Busey. She played Mrs. Holly and was highly regarded by everyone for her performance.

Maria also appeared in many TV shows such as, "A Man Called Sloan", "Three's Company", and "Sledge Hammer". In 1984 she was a regular on "AKA Pablo".

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  • November 1978: World of Playboy
  • December 1980: Bunny Birthday
  • October 1982: Playboy Bunnies Special #3
  • June 1984: World of Playboy

Maria Richwine Filmography
Sledge Hammer (Maria's Guest Appearance)
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