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How Swede It Is...

How Swede It Is...

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Hello and welcome to How Swede It Is. The name speaks for itself, but this is a place where fans can learn more about former Florida Panther Marcus Nilson who is now with the Calgary Flames.

Why did I start this website? For lack of a better word...boredom. And to tell you the truth, having a website about one of your favorite NHL players is pretty entertaining. Plus, no one else seems to have a site for Marcus, so I thought I'd be the first. =)

Come play on the ... Marcus Nilson Message Board. Go ahead and take a look, and if you feel brave enough, post a message.

Last updated: Monday, November 8, 2004. Hey remember me? Well it's been almost two years since I've even looked at this website. Surprisingly people are still coming and posting on the message board. A lot has happened and to be honest with you, I haven't been really keeping all. In fact, I almost forgot how to do all of this. The only thing I got to update was the stats page. I need to do a lot of research before this page becomes ancient history (it's almost there). Unfortunately with the lockout, it was announced on November 3, 2004 that the 2004-2005 All-Star game has been cancelled.

Previous Updates:
2/19/02: Wow an update!! This update was only made possible by the request of my favorite visitor to this site. I've updated the Stats section. This includes Marcus' 2001-2002 career stats and an updated hockey fight report. As you've probably noticed it's been months since I've updated and that has partly to do with the message board. I've had a few complaints about it being too (and excuse me for using this term) "puck-bunny-ish". And honestly it breaks my heart to see that crap. Even though not many people post, those posts are read by anyone and everyone that wishes to read them. This includes maybe even members of the Nilson family. So out of respect, I'm deleting those messages and any other messages written after now. I would appreciate everyones cooperation in this matter. Thanks!!
9/22/01: A new photo has been added to the Pictures section. I know that page takes forever to load, (well at least for me it does) but just in case, to make it easier on you, it's located all the way at the bottom of the page.
9/19/01: Hockey's Future has a talk with Marcus Nilson and Kristian Huselius. Check out the interview in the Top News Stories section.
9/16/01: Check out the latest news on the Panthers' scrimmage. Two new articles have been posted.
9/12/01: Ok, I really have nothing new to say but check out the message board for some rare (and I hate to say it) gossip. This site is founded on bringing you true information in a non "puck-bunny" like manner. But this time, it's big and I just couldn't help myself. It's been a long summer and this bit of juice comes from a trusted friend and fellow web site owner. Well read for yourself and check out the Message Board
8/15/01: Finally some news!!! The Florida Panthers announced yesterday that Marcus Nilson has agreed to a three-year contract. To read the story click here.

I'm trying to keep this site tidy. So if you happen to be interested in any of the updates that are before the ones above, please visit the Updates In The Attic section.

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