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TOP 7 Programs

This site contains information on the TOP get paid to surf the web programs. There are a number of companies like AllAdvantage, ClickDough, GetPaid4, ValuePay and BePaid that will pay you to surf the Web. Most of them require you to download viewbars that rotate banner ads. You can use several of these programs at the same time to greatly increase the amount of money you earn every hour. Each of these get paid to surf the web programs was selected because of its monthly profit potential, the amount of screen space it takes up, and how easy it is to use day after day.

Everyone that is serious about making some extra money, every month should at least sign up for the top 5 get paid to surf the web programs listed below. You should be able to use the first 5 programs at the same time (excluding #3 ) fairly easily without them taking up more than 1/4 of your of the space on your screen most of the time (if you have a 17" monitor or larger), if you position them right and earn $1.50 to $5+ per hour. The first three allow you to start earning money right after you sign up.

Each of these programs is absolutely free to join and and only takes a couple of minutes to sign up for. Make $100's more every month by referring other people and getting paid for the people that they get to join up to 8 levels deep.

(Please enter the indicated Referrer ID when you sign up if it is not automatically filled in for you)


Join ClickDough to get paid to surf the Web

#1 ClickDough (Referrer ID: ice604)

NEW! Launched on Jan 18th, 2000


ClickDough has the potential to be by far the highest paying program if you remember to use it because ClickDough pays you for unlimited hours and pays you for more levels of referrals than any other program and some of the highest referral rates. There's no limit on how many referrals you can add to your Personal Profit Network, and no limit on how much you can earn with ClickDough.

Make $50+ per month (not counting the money made for referrals) depending on the number of hours you spend connected to the Internet each month.
Pays for 8 Levels of Referrals!
No software to download, works in a Pop Up Window!

Start Making Money Immediately!

Pays you a percentage of what advertisers pay to reach you.
You earn 50% for the hours You Surf!

Get Paid for Referrals!
Earn 20% for level 1 referrals!
Earn 10% for level 2 referrals!
Earn 5% for levels 3 - 8!

Advantages ClickDough has over most other get paid while surfing programs:


Remember to login the ClickDough Internet site each time you connect to the Internet and click on the "Open my Personal Window" link to get paid for time your online. If you set ClickDough as your homepage you won’t forget to sign in right away each time you connect to the Internet.


(Referrer ID: ice604)


Join to get paid to surf the Web

#2 (Referrer ID: ICE-604)

Next I would recommend using


Go straight from the signup page to download, and be surfing the Web with the Viewbar within minutes.

AllAdvantage will pay you 50 cents an hour while you surf the Web for up to 40 hours per month. That's up to $20 per month just for browsing the Internet the way you normally do. Currently the maximum number of hours you can get paid for is 25 hours per month.

Refer friends to AllAdvantage and receive 10 cents per hour
while they surf the Web. Receive an additional 5 cents hour from
the extended referrals that come in from your referrals,
four levels deep!

Alladvantage's goal is for every member to earn at least $1,000 a year, but you can easily make more! You can download the viewbar when you sign-up so you can make money immediately. The bar is standard ad height, about one inch on most screens. The bar can be minimized with a single click to eliminate it from the screen at any time.


(Referrer ID: ICE-604)


Join GetPaid4 to get paid to surf the Web

#3 GetPaid4 (Referrer ID: ice604)

GetPaid4 is a great fairly new program from TeknoSurf.Com. TeknoSurf.Com has been around for an eternity in the "Internet World" and is the fastest growing web network for direct response advertising. Their monthly revenues are in excess of $1 million. While they are new to the "Get Paid to Surf the Web" arena, their established relationships with advertisers gives them a huge advantage over other companies in this area.

Up to 75 hours per month

The payout rate was .48/hour for the month of December. Every month we guarantee that the payment will be at least 70+ % of net advertising revenues generated by users. We will be able to disclose the exact amount at the end of each month. Shortly, there will be a daily average earnings listed in your stats that will give you a better idea of exactly how much per hour you are earning during the month.

Once you've signed up and downloaded the GetPaid4 Bar, just open it like a regular program and work or play as usual. You don't have to be actively surfing, just using your mouse, connected to the Internet and occasionally clicking on ads that may interest you.

The GetPaid4 Bar considers you "Active" provided that you have moved your mouse at least one time per minute. If after one consecutive minute you have not moved your mouse your Getpaid4 Bar will turn Yellow on the left side and time will stop counting. Once you move your mouse again the Bar will turn Green again and your usage will continue being tracked. You MUST be connected to the Internet in order for you to be considered active as well!

Please note that users are also expected to react to ads periodically, as that is their intended purpose. A member's active status is defined by maintaining a 0.5 to 5 percent response rate on the ads.


(Referrer ID: ice604)


#4 ValuePay (Referrer ID: ICE604)

The main reason I recommend ValuePay is because the advertisements are smaller and placed in a better position on your screen than any other program I’ve seen. It adds a small rectangular box on the top right corner of the normally unused part of the browser frame, called the pIggybox, which displays ads.
The ads don’t take up any additional space in your actual browser window!

Get paid up to $1.00 for every hour that you are online. For every direct referral that you make you will earn a 10 cent bonus each time they earn one dollar. For every indirect referral that you make you will earn a 5 cent bonus each time they earn one dollar. The referral levels are 5 levels deep.

ValuePay pays up to $50 per month not including all the money you make from your referrals. As our member base and advertising base grows this amount will increase. Everytime you use Email, Surf the Web, Chat or even play online games - you will earn money!


(Referrer ID: ICE604)


#5 (Referrer user-ID: 10221847)

A new company is out now called , they will pay you up to $160 an hour to view their full screen ads! This is the best deal out there! Advertisers will make you an offer to view ads and you can accept or decline the offer. Offers range from $20 an hour to $160 dollars an hour! NO bar or window. Little "advision" will pop up every once in a while with a message. You have the option to look at the ad or not. When someone registers at with you as their referral. You will be paid 13% commission for every ad your direct referrals see and 7% commission for their referrals. This can increase your compensation considerably.

How can advertisers pay users more than $20/hour?

The average cost of banners today is $34/hour for 1000 impressions (the banner comes up 1000 times). The average click through rate of users is only around 0.8% which means that the advertiser is paying over $4 for every visit. is therefore in direct competition with banner advertisements because advertisers can show users "full screen ads" with all they have to offer and additionally get a very high visit rate through the use of the "Golden Link" (users get an extra payment for visiting the advertisers site). By using this will only cost them around 20 cents - $1.50.

The official launching date is intended in February 2000. We will then start re-distributing the AdVision software which enables you to receive add offers. Sign up for this program today.


(Referrer user-ID: 10221847)




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