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What if

(1). Gohan was never born. Whould Goku had been able to defeat Raditz or Vegeta. Whould Vegeta had made the wish and rule the unverse.

(2). Goku whouldn't of met Bulma. Whould the Red Ribon Army Rule the world untill Raditz arrived.

(3). Raditz wasn't wearing a scouter. Whould Goku stay a weaklen.Until the Androids arrived and killed him and the Z Warriors and rule the world.

(4). Vegeta whould of never had a relationship with Bulma. Trunks whouldn't never been born. And Goku would of Died of the Heart disease And the Android whould of Destroy the Earth.

(5). Krillin had died when Freiza stuck his horn at him. Whould Goku ever turn Super saiya-jin. If not Frieza Whould of kill him and make his wish and rule the universe.

(6).Piccolo would of miss his beamCannon the second time. Would Raditz kill Piccolo and Goku and kidnaped Gohan. And then make him evil.

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